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Vegas has the niners winning 10 games

Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
I'll take the over but at 11-12

I'm with you on that call...hoping for 12+ wins but think 11 is likely. Would be great if that is enough for Home field advantage in playoffs.

Go Niners
Screw Vegas! They didn't think the Niners were 13-3 last year either. Niners will shock the world once again this year
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What site can I make this bet on?
This don't gamble but this is almost sure thing

What site?
What are the odds?
Over. 12-4
I'll take the over. If Vegas is saying 10 wins that's showing huge respect, even if we were 13-3 last year. With the parity that's in this league, they rarely have even overwhelming favorites much higher than that.
10 is the over under? over for sure! what are the odds?
Over seems like a pretty safe bet.

What's the payout if say I put down $100.00

I'll have the over on that one!!
Originally posted by WeAreLegend:
Vegas had Pacciaou beating Taylor

He did.
Originally posted by Evilgenius:
Everyone in the world had Paq winning that fight (incuding when it was over), except the judges.

The judges said:

"Didn't watch, lol"
Originally posted by reasonable1:

The team has no weaknesses.


When the entire pro bowl roster is all Niners, you have to count it.
Originally posted by WeAreLegend:
Vegas had Pacciaou beating Taylor


Jermain Taylor? Meldrick Taylor?
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