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Vegas has the niners winning 10 games

Over/under bet is 10 wins. Betting the over pays slightly higher
I'll take the over but at 11-12
Vegas had Pacciaou beating Taylor
Everyone in the world had Paq winning that fight (incuding when it was over), except the judges.
ten or eleven sounds about right.
I think they will win over that.
Sounds about right.
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agree with 10

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Yeah, that's about right. Our schedule is a bit harder and teams will have a year of film against us, but we get better too. So there is a good possibility we fall down by a few wins. No big deal it's all about how we do in the playoffs this year. Giants only had 9 wins in the regular season keep that in mind.
12-4 no worse book it mother f**kerz
Tougher schedule, but better offense. I say over, 12 wins.

The team has no weaknesses.
I've got 10 wins too but a MUCH better team overall.
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