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Name your top 20 favorite 49ers of all time, besides Montana, Rice, Young and Lott

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100% Correct! Plummer and Webster were complete crap, I was so happy to finally see them gone. They got burned all the time!

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I left out Deion Sanders ..even though he helped us win a super bowl , he didnt play an entire season and left us for the Cowboys , still bitter about that

I almost added Eric Davis , but I'm still bitter he split on us and went to the Panthers, once he left, our secondary was crap until Ahmed Plummer and Jason Webster arrived and gave us some solid play at CB
for some reason I am thinking plummer and webster were not that great? we had good safeties like zack bronson but what i remember from plummer is that he got toasted alot esp vs the giants in the overtime playoff game,,, honestly the only thing i remember about webster is that he was to short,, always had sprained ankles and never played. in a dumb ass donahue move, he gave plummer a huge contract which he never deserved. I am not picking a fight with you NEE Am i being to harsh on those two guys????
I agree, Plummer and Webster werent great, but they were upgrades over Darnell Walker, Ramos McDonald and other part time CB's we were forced to use durng that time

Dont forget about bein upgrades over Marquez Pope also.

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Often we are asked who are your favorite 49ers of all time? I have been a fan since 1955 so I have seen the highs and lows as well. It was so difficult to narrow it down. So here are my 36 that reflected both talent and class on and off the field while leaving other deserving others off.

Ronnie Lott, Randy Cross, YA Title, John Brodie, Joe Montana, Steve Young, Hugh McElhenny, Joe Perry, RC Owens, Billy Wilson, Dave Parks, Charlie Kruger, Leo Nomellini, Bob St, Clair, Jim Johnson, Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, John Taylor, Dwight Clark, Bryant Young, Dave Wilcox, Jim Plumkett, Forrest Blue, Gene Washington, Patrick Willis, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Eric Wright, Tim MCDonald, Tom Hart, Jesse Sapolu, Tom Rathman, Jeff Garcia, Ray Werching, Bruce Bosley, Justin Smith.
Twenty?!?! Thats a bit much, just because is anyone really going to read everybody's list of 20 people?

My top 3 on each unit ont he current team are:
Vernon Davis
Justin Smith
Ray McDonald
I'm going to just do guys that I grew up watching (started in 93) to make it easier

Random order:

Bryant Young, Ricky Watters, Julian Peterson, Garrison Hearst, Jeff Garcia, Terrell Owens, Patrick Willis, Frank Gore, Justin Smith, Vernon Davis, Brent Jones, Merton Hanks, John Taylor, Fred Beasley, Jeremy Newberry, William Floyd, Alex Smith, Tony Parrish, Andy Lee/Joe Nedney (can I count them as 1? :))

I could interchange half the list though.... I really didn't have a whole lot of favorites growing up and watching. It was basically Young and Rice... then in the next generation it was Hearst with those guys... then Garcia and Owens... then Gore... then VD, Patrick, Justin and Alex
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Bryant young
Jeff Garcia
Terell Owens
Garrison Hearst
Frank gore
Patrick Willis
ken Norton Jr
Jesse Suppolo
Brent jones
Vernon Davis
Tom Rahman
Roger Craig
Justin Smith
Tim McDonald
Eric Davis
Joe staley
Charles Haley
Jose Cortez "because of him I appreciate all GOOD kickers" this is in half irony and sarcasm dc
Merton hanks
Charlie garner
Iheanyi Uwaezuoke "remember when he got knocked down by special teams coach priceless.
20 sure is a lot to think abouut but here it goes.

I've been a fan since 1976.

Fred Dean
Big Hands Johnson
Hacksaw Reynolds
Jim Burt
Jeff Fuller

Carlton Williamson
Dwight Hicks
Gary Plummer
Justin Smith
Michael Carter

Keena Turner
Steve Wallace
Jesse Sapulou
Derick Deese
Kevin Gogan

Bill Ring
Garrison Hearst
John Taylor
Brent Jones
Ray Wershing
20 is not much at all for a longtime fan, I'm sure us longtimers could have whipped up a top 30 list in a Jif

there have been other 49ers I respected, besides the top 20 I posted , I remember a lot of the unsung heroes and players that rarely got any ink, but did their jobs and did it well

Kirk Scrafford "Call him up in the middle of the season, and he is THERE !!!!!

Chris Doleman "Even though he is considered a Viking , he had one of his best seasons ever with us"

Roy Barker "another ex Viking that showed up and was one of the league leaders in QB sacks for us"

Lenvill Elliot "shifty RB that helped us win our first superbowl "

Earl Cooper "quietly went about his job, not a flashy TE , just got it done and wears a superbowl ring for his troubles

Matt Cavanaugh "solid, no nonsense QB, filled in for Joe and played well when he got his shot to be our signal caller"

Tim Mckyer "was a ballhawk in our secondary and kept QB's honest, solid DB

Eddie McCaffrey "the guy was a winner , after getting a ring with us in 95 , he went on to grab a couple more rings with the Broncos"

I can go on and on .....but I can never stop paying homage to our guys that busted their ass for our team over the years
KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: Coach Harbaugh said. "Our quarterback was near perfect!" The 49ers set an NFL record - the first team in history to pass for 300 yards and rush for 300 yards in the same game. Those stats are nice, but it was the score, 45-3; and 4-1 record! Maybe if Smith got to play the Jets, Bills and Dolphins twice each season like Brady does his QB ranking would be higher? Can we ask for a transfer to AFC, Eastern Conference? Alex, may now be considered the man for all 49er fan and sports pundits that includes the doubters, but for many of us, he has always been more. Since he was drafted and since he finally has a "dam good" Coach with continuity in an offensive system, he has become a respected and confident team leader to complement his exceptional personal character! Besides his physical talents, intelligence, he performed at a 156.2, 2.1 points shy of perfection. It is clear that he is now a recognized experienced NFL vet late bloomer with the All Pro capabilities to win the big games! These qualities are part of the unique tradition of outstanding Quarterbacks that is our proud 49er history! The 49ers set a "franchise record for offensive output Sunday that was more productive than any Joe Montana or Steve Young team ever wasThe 49ers' 621 yards surpassed the previous record of 598, set 20 years ago! But win or not, we do it with class and professionalism! As Smith simply put it, "Very cool! When you think of the 49ers, you think of great offense. I'm honored." And I for one, agree!
In no order

Bryant young
Brandon Lloyd
Jj stokes
Tim rattay
Sammy Davis bacause the jokes that ensued
Ahmad Plummer
Tony parish
Frank the tank
Patty willy
Eric johnson
Cody Pickett
Julian Peterson
Jeff Garcia
Alex smith
Justin smith
Derek smith(cyclops)
Mark roman - see Sammy Davis
Garrison Hearst
Fred Beasley
Since 1990. In order. (With the big four left out, and most short term veterans left out)

Bryant Young
Frank Gore
Tim McDonald
Justin Smith
Tom Rathman
Aldon Smith
Patrick Willis
NaVorro Bowman
Jessie Sapolu
Brent Jones
Jeff Garcia
Roger Craig
Jeremy Newberry
Gary Plummer
Vernon Davis
Charlie Garner
Garrison Hearst
Harris Barton
Tony Parrish
Guy McIntyre

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