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I want Dixon on the team in 2012

I think dixon may surprise us this year. It will be a good battle between him and jacobs. I just hope jacobs stop running so damn soft
i don't want any dix on this team.
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Originally posted by Mann716:
I think dixon may surprise us this year. It will be a good battle between him and jacobs. I just hope jacobs stop running so damn soft

My fear is Dixon will kick ass through preseason and we'll trust him on important short yard situations again in the regular season only to be let down again. Jacobs may be soft but he at least had some good games in the regular season last year filling in for bradshaw. It'll be a good battle nonetheless.
Originally posted by fandemonium:
Two words: Derek Loville.

For those old enough to remember, Loville played halfback behind Ricky Watters and was briefly the starter after Watters left.

Loville had a ton of heart, and worked his butt off every day. But he just didn't quite have enough ability, and our running game suffered until he left.

Maybe Dixon has more to give than Loville did. But Dixon reminds of Loville.

The only thing loville was decent at was catching the ball. And he didn't just play briefly, it felt like he was here for three years. BTW, I think dixon, and jacobs don't make it.

I think jewel hampton looks so good they don't want to risk him on the practice squad.
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Originally posted by unst4bl3:
We kept MROB forever, I don't see why we can't keep dixon, if he plays special teams also.

....because they are a MUCH better team now than they were when they had MRob...

I wouldn't say Dixon has no shot to make the team but he is going to have to pick up his play significantly to do so...and I mean in all area...
I like him as a person from what II read and see.

BUT I don't think he makes the cut. If he isn't the better than Jacobs [who I'm not impressed with] than he shouldn't be on the team.
I think there may be something that were all overlooking. The team was obviously bounced by the Giants last season. They cut Jacobs and go figure he signs here. I get the feeling the FO is counting on Jacobs (and Manningham to an extent) to really try and stick it to the Giants. I'm guessing Jacobs is going to be running like a man possessed vs. the Giants and I would be all but shocked if he doesn't get the most carries in one game in week 6.
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Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
he's more locker room personality than anything. but heck, every court needs a jester i guess
This is a huge reason why he stays if it boils down to dixon vs rock. Dixon is a personality. rock is a established veteran leader and great influence in the locker room who does not spend his time on worthless twitter.rock is also a great special teams player which washes out that argument between dixon and rock. Another difference is that rock can play fullback and can pick up those tough yards dixon is unable or unwiilling to pick up. At this point in time, please it is no contest if you line up rock vs dixon.. since i think rock will make this team, the big battle is dixon vs jacobs and i think that will go down to the wire,
i dont think its gonna happen lol
The guy looked like a stud in the presesason a couple of years ago... Last year he looked SOFT! Capped off by a shoe string tackle when we needed a yard in the NFC title game! I think every other RB on the roster is way more intriguing!!!!!
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Originally posted by NinerGM:
My grandma used to say ...

"...and people in hell want ice water."

my grandma used to say,, the more you cry, the less you pee
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Originally posted by SportsFan:
No. Dixon cost us the NFCC as much as Williams. He had a huge whole on 3rd and short, could have taken it to the house yet he danced and got stuffed for no gain.

When I saw that I knew it would come back to bite us.

agree. had he got that yard, the game never never would have went into overtime.having justin smith in there to block was not exactly one of the coaches greatest moments either.
Dixon has had enough time to show he can be a threat running the ball , his time is up up , LaMicheal James
Originally posted by blm7754:
I would love to see Dixon improve and make the team. It would have the following benefits:

- He plays special teams too so he could save a roster spot for someone else by replacing Jacobs and Cartwright (would allow us to keep a 6th WR)

- It would free up salary cap space because Dixon is much cheaper than Jacobs and Cartwright (would help make it possible to keep an expensive guy like Haralson)

- He is much younger than Jacobs and could help us beyond 2012


If he improves enough to make the team, that means that he's knocked out some of his bad habits he had before (like dancing too much). It means that he's beaten out those other players.

Nice guy and I wish him the best either with us or on another team.
Originally posted by Bali-Niner:
Pretty frickin simple; "We'll throw the balls out and whoever plays the best, will play" JH - This and nothing more..


Me? I don't really care much if he makes it or not. I like his mentality and energy, but may the best RB win their roles, and the rest can gtfo.
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