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No. 5: Vernon Davis

Take away Brees and I bet we wouldnt even know about Graham
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Originally posted by SportsFan:
Jason That dude was hurt and played like s**t most of this year.

so how did VD play then since witten had better stats
As far as possession receivers, I think Gronk & Graham probably have VD beat.

But for home run capability, not even close.....VD is the best right now, and one of the best of all time.
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I never really get into acknowledging the difference in QB when rating players, but VD with a top 5 QB would be the best TE in the game. Don't know if VD can catch a pass where he is facing the QB and has to out stretch his arms above his head and catch the ball with his hands though. VD's hands are still pretty suspect imo.
meh. It's just one bald person's opinion. No need to lose sleep over.
Clayton is a shriveled little poindexter. No mind is paid.
Originally posted by SofaKing:
I'd put him at #3 behind Gronk and Graham. Witten and Hernandez have the edge in terms of route running, but they don't have the gamebreaking ability that Vernon does.

If the Cowboys could trade Witten for VD, or if the Pats could trade Hernandez for VD, they would do it without blinking. VD is the superior player. If he had elite play from the QB position, his numbers would be monstrous.

nfln top 100 doesnt thinks so
Vernon Davis is unarguably the most gifted Tight End to ever put on a football uniform. So John Clayton is wrong by 5 slots. Sorry Mr.Old man but Vernon Davis is #1. With excellent QB play he would have every TE record shattered!!! These are facts boys!
put vernon with freaking brady and he'll set records like gronkowski did, when you throw the ball 50 plus times you have a better chance to set records

vernon will be #1 after next season....he is going to go over 1000 yds!
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Man VD is a f**king beast, he played big when the games mattered the most. You cannot cover that dude with one person.
Gronkowski and graham are very good but vd is the best of every te.......he just broke the all time playoff record for yards in a playoff game and had the all time td record with gates with an average qb throwing to him while being doubled most of the time.

Teams like new eng and saints....have great qb, 2 of the top ten of all time, great Wrs like weaker and Colston and company that takes attention away from gronkowski and graham, so they get a lot more opportunities than vd.

Put vd on the saints or pats and he shatters every te record
Looks like most all of us agree that vd is the best te given the same chances as gronkowski or graham.

I'm surprised experts don't say or realize this. That was like saying moss went from the best wr on the Vikings to the 20th or 30th best wr on the raiders.......noooooooo, he just had a worse qb and he was doubled just about every play and didn't get the chances. No logic having ass
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
Yes probablly going of last Yeste stats quede he was Asked to Glock tve first 10 Gámez or so cause he didnt understand the playbook

Yes I aggrre becuase if you do og off of last yestes stats it wouild seem lkei Vernon was only asked tbr the 1st 7-10 gamez i am nto seure thyighaough
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