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Terrell Owens wants to return to San Francisco 49ers

TO would like to play in the bay area? Like he can pick and choose where he wants to play? What a joke you are TO!
i don't think the Raiders will even take him..... that says a lot.
Karmas a b*tch.
I feel sorry for T.O., but he did it to himself.

I said a long time ago that T.O. would be the first player to talk himself out of the NFL. I believe T.O. could still be a very good WR in this league, but his drama is finally too much for any team to want to deal with.

I just didn't think it would take this long for the rest of the league to figure it out.

T.O., if you are smart you will figure out that you have the whole rest of your life to live and pick yourself up and move on. Find something in this world that you can do to give back. Be a good father to your children, that would be the best thing you can do in this life. Good luck to you whatever you choose to do, I believe you can be successful.
Diversify your bonds n***a
The same team where he publicly said that his quarterback is gay?
Don't know why TO is worried - someone with his qualifications would have no trouble finding a top-flight job in either the food service or housekeeping industries . . .
He should babysitt. He may want to start with his own
Honestly, if T.O really wanted to get back in the league, he'd take a trip to Cleveland, Jacksonville, and maybe even Indianapolis or Miami. Teams that need reciever help for young QBs and average/rookie recievers. Could easily be a number 2 in Cleveland. Justin Blackmon is always being compared to T.O in Jax plus it would help Justin Blackmon not become a bust because of Gabbert. The Colts have Reggie Wayne and ... so it wouldnt hurt. And T.O could be a 1 yr stop gap for Miami until next years draft.
T.O is eating humble pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week. You can question his character but you cant question his talent. We simply have no room for him on our team, but I'd still take him on a team that needs a reciever. He'd automatically be a scapegoat simply because of the name on the back of his jersey but, KNowing the raiders, they will probably sign him

49ers Sign T.O to Take Anthony Dixons Job as a Flag Holder

You guys are just mean. Please bring T.O. back, Jim Harbaugh !!!!
When you're in your prime, teams are willing to put up with the BS because of the on field production. Now that you are old, what team is going to want the drama? What they'd want (supposedly) from an old guy is veteran leadership. However, T.O. is no leader.
His career is as dead as Ronald Reagan.

Too soon?
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The fans that still have it in for TO make me smh.
I don't feel a bit sorry him. Let the suffering continue, he deserves it.
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