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Terrell Owens wants to return to San Francisco 49ers

This dude just needs money to support all his hoochie mama's.
The dude did himself in sad to say, but I can stll see him playing in the bay, for the Raiders.
Funny that SF could have Moss and TO on its team after all the years of no decent receivers...past TO's prime and perhaps Moss' as well. Sad! Just imagine having those two in their youth playing opposite each other...hmmm....and Palmer thought he had it rough dealing with Ocho.
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TO and Moss COULD never WILL never co-exist. And no way would our front office and I'm also assuming Harbaugh would take a chance with both of them in the locker room.

If TO was smart he would go play for the CFL.

Then should be a lesson learned to all future primadonnas.
No thanks.
Originally posted by cashmahne:
I would take TO on this team if the WR corps were the guys that played in the NFC CG. Now though. Not a chance.

yes. last year would have been his shot with us. swain? hastings? if we didn't give him a look then, why would we give him a look now? i liked his talent but the way he leveled the bridge back to us on his way out of town makes it impossible for him to land back here
Not interested, let him go to Oakland.

Then all their fans will get hyped up about the Palmer-Owens duo until it collapses after the first game of the season and its back down that spiral of turribleness for the Raiders..

Yup, sounds good
Hey TO, tell me how the Niners ass tastes
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Originally posted by susweel:

LOL! Great image for TO!

If only he had a clear head...
he's a piece of filth.

Good ridance to the scumbag.
I doubt Reggie McKenzie would sign him...he's taking the Raiders on a different course than Big Al had them on. It'll take arguably a couple seasons to rid themselves of marginal players AD brought in...and change the mindset.
Originally posted by lifer49erfan:
Cry me a river T.O.

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