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Biggest Threat in 2012: Packers not Giants

For all the talk about the Giants being our biggest obstacle to the Super Bowl, I'm a lot more worried about Aaron Rodgers and the Packers with something to prove after a first round exit last year. People seem to forget that the Packers almost went undefeated last year, and I think their 1st round loss to the Giants was a fluke. Packers receivers were dropping passes left and right. It was uncanny and very uncharacteristic. If we want to make it to the Super Bowl, we're going to have to beat the Packers to get there.
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Meh. They will win 10+ games get to the playoffs and lose the fist game, no big deal.

They will start 0-1.
The Giants are not the biggest threat and never were. Their Super Bowl win was one of the flukiest in history. First, the Packers play nothing like they did all year - receivers dropping everything and their OC being out of it. Then, it took Kyle Williams fumbles to beat us in OT. They were the luckiest team BY FAR last season. These things don't happen often and won't happen again in 2012.
For those who don't think the Packers are a serious threat, who do you think our biggest obstacle will be this year on the road to the Superbowl?
I just think that Aaron Rodgers is going to play with an even larger chip on his shoulder this year than he did last year because now they have a lot more to prove.
Packers will definitely play stronger and more focused, but if they can't correct their defensive/physical play issue they are not a threat to go deep in the playoffs.

Saints we'll have to wait and see. Either they will be average or we will see a 16-0 type Patriots team out of them -- right after Spygate was when the Patriots went undefeated blowing teams out left and right.

Giants are the kind of team that rises to the occasion for big name opponents (us, Green Bay, Philly, New England) but their weaknesses expose them to lesser teams when they aren't as into it. I had a feeling they would come close to beating the Packers in the regular season despite their losing streak.....

I've watched the Giants for a long time. They get lucky for sure....but it happens way too often to be a fluke, unfortunately.

Detroit or Chicago could be the real threats...

Bottom line: If we are healthy by playoffs, Alex and Co execute on offense.....I am absolutely afraid of NO ONE.
The Packers are an offensive juggernaut aside from not being able to run the ball which makes them defensible. Their defense is pitiful though. They lost in the playoffs because they couldn't stop the Giants with a pitiful defense. They were in Lambeau and couldn't get it done. The Giants beat us because we uncharacteristically made errors and had turnovers and they didn't. A lot of credit to them for going to Lambeau then coming out west to beat a very physical very good 9ers squad. But we should have ran more the second half cuz gore was getting 6ypc vs that small d line, goldson mucked up two picks, and kyle williams gifted them 10 pts. So basically we held them to 10 pts without those errors. We can only hope our defense and special teams play this well again and we get major improvement from our offense. If we do, we have the chance to beat anyone. BTW, we beat the best offense in last yrs playoffs. We beat last years best team in the Saints. It was fortunate that we had them in the Stick. If they beat us, Saints would've beat NYC in NO and gone on to crush the Patriots horrid defense. Saints could run the ball and throw it and Pierre Thomas would've been healthy by the Super Bowl. In my opinion, both us and the Saints could have been the best teams possibly but u can't overlook the fact that the Giants won it all so they earned that title and that ring
They are going to come out punching. Knock the sh*t out of the Packers at Lambeau. And the media will lead with what's wrong with the Pack. Are they having trouble overcoming the tragic situation of last year. Never mind that the Niners are just that good.

Been so long that we actually won a game at Lambeau... Make it happen Harbaugh !!!
Wait... The Giants were ever considered the team to beat this year? Really? They went 9-7. They played fantastic and won it all in January and are capable of beating anyone, but clearly if they aren't on a hot winning streak they are mediocre at best. I think they are a Top 4 or 5 team in the NFC... GB is easily #1.
Packers defense is going to improve a decent amount I think. They added some good pieces via the draft. They won't be top 10 or anything, but with that offense, just an average defense is going to be good enough to beat almost anyone.

I think the Niners will have an above average offense and far and away the best defense and ST. I think NFC favorites (top 5) in this order:

1. Packers
2. Niners
3. Bears
4. Giants
5. Saints

Chicago was 7-3 before Cutler/Forte went down. Now they add Alshon in draft and traded for Brandon Marshall... plus they added depth with Michael Bush and Jason Campbell. They got Costanzo to make sure they have tough ST and they always have a reliable defense.

Originally posted by JTsBiggestFan:
Bottom line: If we are healthy by playoffs, Alex and Co execute on offense.....I am absolutely afraid of NO ONE.

So much of this. The D and ST will crush if healthy... if Alex and Co execute, particularly in the red zone and shorter 3rd downs... Niners will win the Super Bowl
Originally posted by AlohaBruh:
Meh. They will win 10+ games get to the playoffs and lose the fist game, no big deal.

They will start 0-1.

Now the Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers rivalry can begin !
The biggest threat is us. We are better than these teams.
Giants can get after the qb with 4 guys. Packers can't get after the qb with 8 guys. Personally I think it's the Eagles
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