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When Candlestick is torn down, how do we get a piece of history?

Although it saddens me to think about it, the truth is that Candlestick is going to be gone pretty damn soon.That being said, I was wondering if anybody knows how you go about getting stuff from the stadium like pieces of the field and seats?

I consider myself very fortunate in that I live in NJ and have been able to visit the 'Stick 5 times--one of those times being the playoff game vs. NO last year.

I would love to get the two seats that my girlfriend and I sat in as we watched the 49ers return to glory, but have no idea how that process works.

If anyone knows how they've handled it with previous stadiums (3 River in Pitt, Yankee Stadium-BOOO, etc.) please share.
honestly there is prob a .0001% of being able to get the seats you and your gf sat in... All other stadiums that have sold the seats in their stadiums Dallas being the most recent i can recall.. Just offered a set for 300 dollars u didnt get to choose the seats they just sent them.
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Make buddies with a construction worker or a trashman, or just wait until they start pulling s**t apart and pay a teenager to break in and grab you a set.
The stadium will be torn to s**t after the final game.
I call dibs on this shack....

Originally posted by SportsFan:
The stadium will be torn to s**t after the final game.

this. the only chance it stands is if there is a chance to host a playoff game but it never happens.

i hope they let us keep our seats though, i will get 2 and auction one off.
I'm telling yall what's going to happen.. all seats will go up on ticketmaster not by section or # will be prob around 300 dollars and be open to public for purchase on a first come first serve basis.. wont get a choice of seat just a random seat or seats
Just go in and snatch it.

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Cant remember what game it was, was back in the 90's, I somehow came home with divot sized piece of painted endzone grass from the stick
I planted it in a box with some good soil, but it didnt last long and died quickly, but it stayed in that planter box for about 10 years

I'd want one of the season ticket chairs we had from '73 to 2000, section 18 UR, row 6, seats 4 and 5 (I think)
I wonder if anything in Candlestick is worth being preserved and transferred to the new stadium?

I have a team flag that flew over candlestick.
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