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Jim Harbaugh's salary

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All Jim wants is the gold Lowell and Grant keep around their neck........

Seriously dude, stop it. If I see one more racial remark it's a warning.
that was some funny s**t
I truly believed Harbaugh would have work for free for the chance to get back and compete in the NFL. It's not realistic but if he thought that his family would live comfortably on $100,000 a year he would have signed for that too. As it is, he accepted a market value for a first time NFL HC coming from college. The situation was right for him and his family with the 49ers. It was brilliant by Baalke and York to have met Harbaugh in casual attire.
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That's a ridiculous statement.

Would you say Bill Belicheck isn't a good coach because of Tom Brady?

no it's not

How'd Bela-cheat do in Cleveland?

I believe he was on the hot seat and nearly lost his job when Bledsoe got injured and he was forced to go with Brady, now that he is a winner players but in to him, before that he was just another loudmouth, arrogant a-hole that player tuned out, now he is a tough no nonsense winner! LOL

Harbuagh get's respect out of the gate, because he is a leader of men, and that is rare!
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