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Would you trade Crabtree ?

to me his heart is in Texas, i would trade him for sure to the Texans for a 2nd rounder at the least ...
nobody wants him /thread
No, give the guy a chance this offseason and season, if he doesn't show up, deal him for a 4th rd pick, won't get any higher pick wise.
altho I am one of his biggest critics, I want to see the guy earn his keep here. That said, if he doesn't get with it and compete with the scads of guys we have in camp, then yeah, trade him. I can't believe, however, that he isn't going to compete here. If he goes elsewhere, he isn't worth much to anyone, and won't command much in $$. He has to have a good yr here to make himself look good for when his contract expires. I have no doubt we will let him go, but if he doesn't cut the mustard this yr, and young guys whip up on him, he is toast/.
i love his talents, but for some reason his mind & heart isn't with the team .. I believe he wants to play with in Texas.. just saying
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Wait until he has a year left on his contract. I thought he looked pretty damn good in a few games last year. Now that the team is a winner, and he's healthy let's see what he can do with an off season.
Originally posted by bklyndrew31:
to me his heart is in Texas, i would trade him for sure to the Texans for a 2nd rounder at the least ...
What makes you think he wants to be in Texas...
He's still got a ton of upside. I would keep him. Gettin better every year.
grew up a cowboys fans and 1 time read that he would love to play for them or even in his home state ..

No - but I doubt he'll resign once he hits FA.
He's our best receiver and he's under performed so his trade value is low.

As for our best receiver having under performed, that's yet another reason to not trade a wr.

No way.
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wouldnt get a 2nd rounder.
I don't think he is very good. Trade him for a sixth rounder
When Crab tears it up this year, you all will suck his dick.

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