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2011 offensive line and some sack numbers

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my thread got hijacked

Yes it was and it was a decent post. If people don't have anything positive to say about the data posted, or actual information to his your point, they should refrain from posting.

But then, what happens to the folks posting 35 thousand worth of useless and eye-rolling posts????
very interesting stuff
A lot of folks have taken to citing Alex's low QBR numbers, since his QB rating increased. IIRC, the QBR system ascribes the same percentage of blame for each sack, not differentiating between short sacks and long sacks. This seems to unfairly skew Smith's numbers (and national perseption of him)when he is getting mauled by blown assignments (usually on the right side, but I remember Staley ripping into Iupati after a short sack earlier in the season). I don't know if Alex will ever become the guy who routinely looks to throw a big-play ball, but I know I would be nervous if I thought I might get hit in the face in 2 seconds. Maybe we'll see a more confident Smith this year with more solid play from the line. From the WR additions, it seems clear that the coaches would like to push the ball downfield.
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