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Who are you ashamed was a 49er?

Bill "Roid Rage" Romanowski

OJ "Wife Murderer" Simpson

Lawrence "Loser" Phillips
Originally posted by Noirwar:
Any former dallas roach that crawled here from under Jerry's boots.(yeah even Kenny Jr.) that aren't worth saying by name.

No way!!
Kenny is one of my favourite Niners. Bought a Norton jeresey off eBay a couple of years ago.
mike singletary.
Originally posted by YoungWifey:
Originally posted by LAFortyNinerfan:
These jerseys. Lots of embarrassing years resided in them.

What's funny was that the stores were selling his jersey for 50% off and it still came out to $30...I wouldn't even wear them to sleep.

The first Niner I was ever ashamed of was Mike Cofer.

Hilarious post!

Way too funny for those of us who watched him suck. Literally the opposite of David Akers.

Career highlight for Cofer is making a 55 or 56 yard FG once. That's about it.
"Cofer had a strong leg but was inconsistent for the 49ers in the late 1980s. Fans lost faith in him early in the 1990s as he missed several short field goals, the lowest point being in 1991 where he made just 13 of 25 attempts."

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