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Does Chris Owusu Make the Team in 2012?

Does Chris Owusu Make the Team in 2012?

Does Stanford WR Chris Owusu make the 53-man Roster?

Assuming he's medically cleared, I think he's got a good chance to. Moss, Williams, and Owusu are probably competing for three roster spots. Remote chance that Ginn is competing for a roster spot as well -- but that may be impacted by DB Perrish Cox's standing on the team - he is a talented return man with major red flags off the field.

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Kyle Williams vs. Chris Owusu ----------> Winner = #6 receiver
How is this kid still considering playing still. my heart dropped when he took that hit against OSU i thought he died.
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too many hits the head man
Practice squad if he can stay concussion free.
Nick, you know the answer already

everyone camp body/practice squad
Practice Squad most likely
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great thread
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How many threads can one man create?

How much content can one man hate?

Does Doug Baldwin ring a bell? I hope the kid gets a real shot because we sure missed out on Baldwin, who was another Stanford WR that went undrafted and had a great rookie year.

We sure could've used him when Ginn went down.
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He can make the practice squad and rest his concussions for 1 year. He really needs time to recover. He can't take hits right now.
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Kendall Wright would make the roster
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