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Do you see us carrying 4 RB's on the roster ?

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Originally posted by 99problems:
i think we would keep Dixon over Cartwright...
both offer special teams value. Dixon has more upside
kind of sounds like its up to dixon. he has to beat out jacobs and cartwright .we will see what he is made of
dont care who makes it as long as we win #6
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The cuts will be between Dixon, Jacobs and Cartright. My thinking is Dixon will be cut. He has had three years to get rid of his dancing as a runner and has not. He has been a fairly good ST player but without being able to also play effectively as a runner he is likely to see the door. Harbaugh sent that message clearly when they made no effort to re-sign Costanza. Also, I wonder if Harbaugh, being a very focused, no-nonsense guy, might tire of Dixon's constant tweeting and hair and all the look-at-me stuff he does while not really doing all the much on the field.

Jacobs is close to being a lock. Harbaugh wants a power back but does not want to have to use Gore for that grunt work. Gore is too close to the end of his career to do that heavy duty stuff and still be an every-down back on the rest of the field.

RB is the most injured position in the game. We were lucky last season with injuries but it would be foolish to expect that same level of luck this season. All four will see substantial game time and hope the injury bug doesn't bite.
It will come down to Jacobs vs. Dixon for the final RB slot. Gore, Hunter, James. Miller, and Cartwright seem like locks.
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Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
It will come down to Jacobs vs. Dixon for the final RB slot. Gore, Hunter, James. Miller, and Cartwright seem like locks.
agree 100 per cent. that will be fun and we will see what dixon is made of .
I would say Dixon would make a better #4 RB than Jacobs. If we have 4 RBs active, then the 4th would have to play ST. I believe Dixon and Jacobs get cut. Cartwright will be a beast on ST, and can play either RB or FB if needed.

Everyone talks about Jacobs being our short yardage back. But with Gore spliting carries with Hunter and James, why can't Gore be our short yardage back? He's got the power and the vision to get what we need in those situations.

RBs I believe to make the team: Gore, Hunter, James, and Cartwright(mainly for special teams) and dont forget Miller(FB)
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Originally posted by NeeJ49er:
Good Stuff

Jacobs and Dixon could be the odd men out , Gore is our man, Hunter and James will both provide explosive play

Rock Cartwright can be a short yardage back, be our backup FB and play on special teams , he brings more value to the roster ..which is why I think Dixon and Jacobs wont cut it, Harbaugh is looking for more punch to the offense, and unless Jacobs shows some real power in pre-season, he will be gone before the season opener
+1 Nice post!
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Originally posted by cciowa:
carefull,, i got taken to the woodshed last night for daring to suggest rock will make the roster cuz he could be a backup fullback amongst his special teams play and leadership... It was DEMANDED of me to show proof that he has ever been a fullback

If you are going to claim something you need to have proof of it. Otherwise the webzone becomes a place where Rock Cartwright is a Mike Alstott/Blake Costanzo hybrid even though he may never have played fullback in his career.

And yes, you were taken to the woodshed last night.
I have a hard time seeing Brandon Jacobs making the roster. Too disruptive and he is over the hill at 29 (30 on July 6), and we will only have 3 RBs on the roster.

I believe our back field will be:

1. Gore
2. James
3. Hunter
Jacobs is not guaranteed a spot... Dixon sucks.

HB: Gore, James, Hunter, Jacobs

FB: Miller

Last spot Dixon, Cartwright or neither. 5-6 RBs. 5 for sure. The sixth spot would have to compete with the rest of the 53, value and depth wise.
Gore - Lock
James - Lock
Hunter - Lock
Miller - Lock

Cartwright - 75%
Jacobs - 50%
Dixon - <1%
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Locks including Miller as FB

5th and final spot will go to the winner of

depending on how much of an impact a player has we could opt to carry a 6th RB/FB. If it wasn't for the fact that Jacobs has played in 2 SBs and had a comparable career to Gore I would say he has no chance but he might pull it off. My favorites to win the final 1 or 2 spots honestly go to Dixon, Hampton, and Bell. Yes the other two are experienced but I think by loading up our backfield with LaMichael we will be afforded to go with younger, more athletic players that could play on ST more so then Jacobs(non ST player) and Cartwright(age).

James was also good for 17 receptions each season, most of them were screens but he does provide a boost to the receiving/screen game. We will likely even look to use him as receiver out wide or in the slot so he theoretically could be the "6th receiver" in the event of injuries.
I think Cartwright makes it over dixon he's a better special teams player and he can return kicks as well if need be. Just as effective out of the backfield.
Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
we will go with 6 total RBs

Gore, James. Hunter, Jacobs, Miller, Cartwright

I agree.
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