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Do you want the 49ers on Hardknocks?

Do you want the 49ers on Hardknocks?

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I would LOVE to see them on HBO. It would be cool to see the behind the scenes with our players & coaches. You can see who really is the popular players, etc. To me there is nothing to hide. I doubt the coaches are going to be sharing the playbook with the rest of the league so i vote YES!

plus, it would make the preseason so much more fun and i will be 10 times more pumped up for the regular season than i already am!
I would love to see it, but for the team I don't want it. So many distractions and people unable to be themselves with a camera on them 24/7
no distractions wanted, as much as i would like to see how harbaugh and staff coachem up, they have business to take care of with out the glitz

so no
on the fence.
No good can come out of it. I've gotten by for the past 30+ years without seeing what goes on. I don't need to see it now.
Originally posted by afflecksloverboy:
on the fence.

me too
Want to see hardknocks on the field only1
Yes I would love it.
nope dont want it, dont need it, no use for it.
yea i would like to see this but I don't think JH is going for it.

Not really......a pair of Hard Knockers maybe
No distractions - no info to the enemies - no excuses
H E L L no!
Moot argument. Won't happen. Not a chance.
Don't want. lol
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