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Which is the better hit?

Which is the better hit?

''HQ'' ....

Whitner simply because of the poetic justice.
Opponents look across the field before the snap and look for Patrick. Must be very scary looking at him.
Man it doesn't matter who has the hardest hit all that matter is that they are niners.
Don't forget the hit that P Willis put on Ricky Williams.
They were good....but I vote for this hit!

Originally posted by thundrthumbs:
They were good....but I vote for this hit!

dark ages, lol
whitner and goldsons hits looked the best but willis took that mans soul
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Is is just me or does Patrick look like he gained to much muscle over the years. He seems a bit to bulky and not as explosive.
Whitner's hit was the best. The way he walked away from the wreckage...that was some Rambo type s**t, calmly walking away from a giant explosion behind him without flinching lol.

Pure hit alone...I'd say Goldson but because Whitner's was in the playoffs and completely changed the game...Whitners is hard to say no to.
I voted for Willis just because the hit made Smith poop on Lewis' thigh
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I voted P Willy for it's viciousness but my favorite is Whitner's.

That Whitner hit will go down in the annals of 49er history
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I used to be an NFL running back
Until I took a Whitner to the head

We don't need extra cash
We do that s**t for fun
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