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Gregg Williams wanted to seriously injure all our players (audio on first post)

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Come at us bro.

I Love how Whitner doesn't even look back, and just kind of Hero walks off the screen. Actions speak louder than the words of a bunch of fake tough guys.

This, I love how he didn't give two fks about picking up the fumble, or if the guy was still alive.
I love that the karma the Saints have been bring on themselves for a few years has caught up with them. It hit them big time. Gregg Williams is a perfect example of people taking the "well its a physical sport" tactic way too far.

On behalf of Niner Nation....Gregg Williams, suck one!
We should receive their lost 2nd round pick as comp for what they failed to do to the niners.
Greg Williams should be banned no doubt about it.
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Can't wait to play the saints this year.

He needs to go , make an example of this piece of s**t ...Lifetime Ban, the next smart ass coach will think twice before hatching plans to intentionally hurt players
I wish nothing but pain and misery for this doughy little man who tried to hurt our guys. I'd love for him to get trotted out into the middle of the Stick for a public mocking!

Think Fisher will get around to actually firing him now?
While I agree that this is not acceptable practice, the only thing I heard out of the norm was regarding Vernons ankles and Crabtrees ACL. Defensive coordinators have always encouraged their players to hit guys in the head, especially the QB.
Originally posted by Chief:
Can't wait to play the saints this year.

Get this piece of S*** out of the NFL.

Ban hell. I dont care if it came out he did this to the Lions, Packers, Seahawks, whoever. Ban him first, jail him second. This man has no place in society. Winning a game is more important than someones well being, livelihood, the rest of their lives? WTF. Put him in prison where he can find out what real pain is. a$$hole.
Part of William's talk is jjust motivating the defense. On that level I can understand his purpose. Then he talked about specific player and specific part of bodily injury. That's just shocking. And the calmness of which he spoke, like it's part of the weekly game plan

The ironic thing is, our defense was the one that came out putting the hurt on them in a legal competive way.
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Any chance that the Saints have to give us draft picks? As I recall we had to give the Bears a 5th round for tampering with Lance Briggs. We didn't even sign Briggs. They tried to target and injure specific body parts of our star players in order to take them out of the game and possibly end their careers. Thats a tad worse than talking to another team's player before an arbitrarily set date.
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Karma's a b***h
I cannot wait to see the Niners blow the Saints out like a candle when they play next year. I really hope it's a primetime game.
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