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Niners 2012 schedule...

Originally posted by niners4lyfe:
As God as my witness, the niners will win the Super Bowl. #FACT!!!

I think we're gonna win it too. Packers can be beat if you get to Rodgers and I think our defense can do that. I'm not sold on the Pats they're on a steady decline I know they made the super bowl but they're not as dominant as in years past. We'll finish with a 12-4 record maybe 11-5. Our defense will clearly be one of if not the best in the league next year and I really think Moss is gonna tear it up this year.

Only because Harbaugh's record improves the following year.
11-5 or 12-4 bye week. If we have to go to Lambeau field we may lose but if we get home field advantage and k Williams is not our pr we will win it all
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6-10 but the rest of the the division was worse so we win the west. Play GB in the first round a lose 0-47. Collin Kaepernick 1-98 3 yards, 17 interceptions, 1 FG block in the final game.
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