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Brandon Jacobs a 49er

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Originally posted by cciowa:
Originally posted by global_nomad:
Yep Harbaugh really questioned Dixon's emotions and work ethic ever since our bye last October.
agree. he could not do much about it at the time as he was pretty much having to make do with the players left over from the previous regime,, now he has some time to clear out who he does not want, we saw that with spencer, we will see that with chilo and norris and maybe dixon. if he would spend less time tweeting and more time trying to pick up a yard on third and one in a nfc title game i doubt this move would have been made. nothing wrong with veterns who have won super bowls on our team. moss and jacobs are here to help us get over the hump and then next year some young wide outs will take over for moss and i still think we get our young new gore next year in the draft.gore knows he will not see alot of carries taken from him with this move and that will keep him happy

its unfortunate because I think Dixon has some real talent... he's got a great attitude too, just the work ethic isnt there apparently. I hope its a wake up call though, I'd like for him to continue his NFL Career.
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Originally posted by modninerfan:
its unfortunate because I think Dixon has some real talent... he's got a great attitude too, just the work ethic isnt there apparently. I hope its a wake up call though, I'd like for him to continue his NFL Career.
you are right,, maybe he needs this kick in the ass,, as many have said, the otas, the off season, training camp and pre season will tell all, maybe this battle we have created between dixon and jacobs goes right down to the last cut
Spillman has his number. I wonder what he'll wear
Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:

Given the video highlights, it may be that the FO and Coaches hope Jacobs can play the role of "relief" runner to finish off games. If he can run with power, but still threaten the kind of break away runs from this highlight reel, He could be a good relief to Gore in the 4th quarter to put away games with ball control.
Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
Fair enough...just seriously doubt they signed Brandon Jacobs as a camp body. RBs in general and veteran RBs in particular are low value in comparison to other offensive weapons so even though they got him on the cheap, he'll almost certainly be Gore's your point, whether or not he performs is another matter. I think/hope he'll be a nice change-up from Gore, but we'll definitely see.

I don't see Jacobs beating out Hunter for carries at this stage in his career. Hunter has the physical side of the game down and I think he is a dangerous weapon and the clear front runner to be Gores backup. He struggled deciding which hole to hit at times last year but that should improve greatly with another year of pro coaching. Jacobs on the other hand has declining physical skills. To me, both Jacobs and Dixon are on the soft side for their size, but Jacobs knows how to score touchdowns and Dixon still hasn't put it together
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The 49ers just added some thunder to the backfield, sold signing.. A little bummed no David Wilson but oh we'll, short yardage situations will be a cake walk next season.
Originally posted by chico49erfan:
I respect your opinion, but I don't think he is "far from a lock." He poops on Anthony Dixon. With Jacobs, we would've sealed the game late in the 4th in the NFCC. Dixon had 2 tries to get 2 yards and didn't. Jacobs would be able to.

Jacobs is definitely better than Dixon no arguments there. But Dixon could still improve at his age while Jacobs is declining. I liked what I saw out of Dixon his rookie year but he runs soft and he doesn't really look like he's ever in good shape, I think he has talent though.
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I hope we still draft a RB to be the #3 guy. I'm not a fan of Jacobs at all. He's probably the slowest RB in the league, and doesn't bulldoze over people like he used to. He's not even that effective on short-yardage situations anymore. I've seen way too many plays where a defender barely touches him, and he crumbles to the ground.
Originally posted by Ether:
Originally posted by DRUSTOPO:
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
This is the Brandon Jacobs Harbaugh is gonna get

Sure he looks great when there are huge holes, he has a head of steam and gets to truck a 180lb DB. I wish they had lowlights of him on youtube. I cant count the amount of times I watched Giants games and he was tackled behind the line of scrimmage or for no gain.

He actually trucked LaRon Landry in that gif, who is by far the biggest DB in the game.

When was that? Is that Plax at the top of the screen??

Ether, I live 10 minute from the Meadowlands, Ive seen every snap of his career. He had his worst year last seasoin and is a big back on the rapid decline. Giants fans are laughing at that pickup, they know better than anyone. They couldnt wait to get rid of that guy. The TipToe Burglar has struck AGAIN!!!!!
I guess that means the end of Dixon and his dancing on 3rd and 1 and getting stuffed for no gain....

Originally posted by Bryant4everYoung:
Originally posted by KowboyKiller:
Deion Sanders called him the tip-toe burglar. Maybe Rathman can exorcise the pansy dancing b***h out of him and return him to a good downhill runner.

This seems to me like a smart move. Dixon is clearly not going to turn into Gore's replacement which lowers his value a lot. Bring in Jacobs for a year and then draft a RB in round 1 or 2 of the 2013 draft to pair up with Hunter for the future. May even be able to keep Gore around longer too if he is willing to cut his carries down a lot in like 2013/2014.
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A change of scenery + Tom Rathman as his position coach should provide better on field results IMO.
Originally posted by GEEK:
A change of scenery + Tom Rathman as his position coach should provide better on field results IMO.

I hope so GEEK. Its going to take a lot of effort on Jacobs part, he was really bad last year on the field and off the field. I was all with the question mark moves so far with Moss and Manningham, but I really just can't get behind this one since I saw Brandon up close every week.
If i don't hear his mouth all season than im fine with it.

This is the same guy that called us soft. He likes to talk just to hear his own voice. If he shuts up and realizes that NY b******t doesnt fly in the bay, than im all for the signing. Need a short yardage back bigtime, and hopfully he can fill that role for us.

I think alot of the hate on this guy is because of his mouth. Especially considering what his role will be on this team, maybe 3-6 carries a game, He better keep his mouth shut, and play his role. Don't need the third string RB running his mouth.

Like i said if he shuts up, im fine with it.
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