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Top 4 WR in NFL history?

If Randy Moss is able to stay focused this year, and produces the way we know he can, he could be our first 1,000+ yard WR since Owens in 03. If he can manage to reach 1,077 yds this year, he will also leapfrog Tim Brown, Isaac Bruce, and Terrell Owens for 2nd all-time in rec. yards. With just 1 TD, he will also break his tie with Owens for 2nd all time in rec. TD's.

I bring this up because if you look at the top 4 WR in NFL history; Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, and Isaac Bruce are arguably the top 4. Its just cool that all 4 of them have worn the Niner uniform at some point.

Im glad our contract with Moss is risk free, but I really hope it works out for us. If Harbaugh can keep him focused and motivated all season, he could be one of the biggest steals of the f/a class.
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I'm not happy about Moss passing TO, nor us helping him do it, but obviously I hope he does now. TO is actually 2 TDs ahead of Moss if you count total TDs.
Originally posted by vaden:
I'm not happy about Moss passing TO, nor us helping him do it, but obviously I hope he does now. TO is actually 2 TDs ahead of Moss if you count total TDs.

the important part is he's passing Moss in a Niner uniform. To be honest, Owens burned one too many bridges with the team for me to care a whole lot about his records. If Moss had been going for it on another team, id hope Owens stayed at number 2. But as a Niner, I would LOVE to see Moss go for 1,100 yards. its long overdue here.
Does anyone really count Bruce as a Niner? Yes he wore the Jersey but that's like saying Rice was a Seahawk or Bronco.

Hopefully when Moss goes into the HOF his highlight reel will be filled with Red and Gold because of the amzing 3 seasons he spent here helping the team win a ring or two!!
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Jerry Rice, JR, Rice, Goat. Those are my four.
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It would be nice if Moss could get 1,000 or more yards receiving, but my expectations, hopes really, for him are a bit different.

First, I see him as a red zone target. I want him to get touchdowns, more than I want him accumulate yards.

Second, I want him to move the chains, to be the go to guy on third downs.

He has the size, hands, and brains to do both.

Moss of today will not be the young Moss of the past.
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As an all-time great? Absolutely.

However, I think many are putting way (wayyyy) too much stock into Moss' expected performance. Even if we had Manning, I don't think he'd put up more than 600 yards or so. I think between the 20's he is a deep threat decoy (if he can still run) and in the redzone he is the secondary read (after Vernon).

I think it's reasonable to expect somewhere around 600 yards and 7 TDs this season.

At the age of 35 having been out of the league for a year, I can't say I think he is appreciably better as an all-around WR as Crabtree, or maybe even Manningham. Just a different skill set.

1. Jerry Rice

2. Every other WR
Well we all know know Jerry Rice stunk so we'll just leave him out of this.


John Taylor
Freddie Soloman
Gene Washington
Roger Craig (5)
Rashaun Woods
Sanjay Beach
Brandon Jones
Johnnie Morton
Curtis Conway
Cedrick Wilson
P.J. Fleck
1. Chris Carter
2. tim brown
3.Michael Irvin
4. Don Hutson.
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