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Alex's Numbers in the Offense 2012??

Alex's Numbers in the Offense 2012??

I want 25 TD and 3700 yds. AT LEAST
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Not enough options. What if his TDs only improve a little but he can't keep the ints down?

See: Josh Freeman.
Whichever numbers = the best outcome.
Alex has to take more chances to improve his redzone TD scoring and 3rd down conversions. So, I think his interceptions will increase. My guess is...

3,300 yards, 20 TDs, 9 INTs, and 61% completions. Will that be enough to help get the 49ers to the Super Bowl? I don't know, but I hope so!
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Are the Fantasy Leagues forming already?
  • teeohh
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I'd be disappointed if he didn't pass for over 30 touchdowns and near.4k yards
24 TD's
10 INT's
3500 Yards
10 tds 8 ints and benched by week 8.
Not even realistic numbers...
So I won't vote.
Originally posted by jreff22:
24 TD's
10 INT's
3500 Yards


Originally posted by susweel:
10 tds 8 ints and benched by week 8.

How did that work out for you last season? NFC Championship game FTW!

9 INT's
slightly under 4,000 yards.
13 wins
25 tds's 3500 yards and 9 Ints....I don't really care just get me a lot of W's
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I fully expect a markedly better season, improvement in everything but int rate, but many variables are outside Alex's control, including how often he gets to throw. Doesn't matter how good he is, he ain't throwing for 4000 yards if he only gets 28 attempts a game. Conversely, he can easily throw for 4000 yards if he gets 35 attempts a game. Stafford got 41.4 attempts a game. Last year we ranked 31st in passing attempts, 3rd in rushing attempts. That gap will narrow but I doubt it will overlap.

If Alex can just go back to being the red zone qb he'd always been before 2011, that alone will be a major improvement worth 3-4 points a game.
Who cares about stats? Give me a poll with wins.
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