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Who will replace Frank Gore in the coming year??

Bring in LT he has one last tour left in him.
seems like so many people here think Gore is on his last wheels and I don't think that's very fair. A running back on his last wheels doesnt go through a span of 5 consecutive 120+ yd games...his injuries compounded with our weak passing game prevented him from carrying that production over the course of the whole season, but you could see he STILL is the TANK when he's healthy...he was very effective in the playoffs and I believe we would have beat the Giants had we given him the ball more. I'm not here to question Harbaugh's gameplan, but seriously, Frank was looking damn good.
If anything I believe he's lost maybe half a step, but he's still one of the best backs in the league. Now having said that, I think we'll see more of a decline after this season, naturally, due to his age. But don't write the man off yet.

Man, I love Frank...he's a true Niner and has given his heart and soul to the this team and never complained. IN
I'm sure Baalke will look for a future replacement in this years draft, but until that player is starting, let's quit the Frank gore replacement talk, because it's immaterial at this point in time, and root for the guy to make another pro bowl!!
Anyway... Does anyone else think that Frank looks like the softest RB in the league in terms of physical appearance?
Originally posted by 4everfaithful24:
Anyway... Does anyone else think that Frank looks like the softest RB in the league in terms of physical appearance?

He don't look soft to me. He just look beat up. I love Frank but I don't think his body has much left. One maybe 2 more years at best.
If they can pick up a guy like Turbin the 4th round, I think we would be good on Rb's.

Hunter is going to play a lot more next year. He's a great compliment to Frank and offers an extra gear.

But Frank Gore is still a stud. I think he was hurt last year after than run of games. Frank was the old Frank. You just don't want to run him all the time that's all.
I think he bounces back as a receiver, last year something wasn't right.

If we can get a BIGGER back that doesn't dance we will be good in the backfield and you don't have to spend a top pick to get a good one.
Originally posted by Tman:

Wow, he has more burst than I expected, does kinda run like Gore in the open field. Can he run with power???????? If so, I'm sold.
Gore isn't going anywhere for a while but when he does...Kendall Hunter, obviously
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even if gire
Gore is a stud, but it's a fact that running backs go down hill quickly. Better to get someone to fill in rather than find out half way through a season and get stuck. If a running game is an important part of your offense then winning back committee seems like the best way to go. Get two studs and one chafe of place speedster and they all keep each other fresh a lot longer.
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