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49ers sign Mario Manningham

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Originally posted by IdahoNiner:
Is this signing a clue that maybe Manning has informed the team that he wants to wear red and gold, and the dominoes are falling into place??

I wish but I dont think they are related. I think we were going to add a WR to help Peyton or Alex.
Living in NYC I have seen Mario play a lot... IMHO he is not a great route runner but is really good @ the deep, bomb & home run balls!!! We still have a shot @ adding Fleener in the 1st rd & having the best roster in the sport(hands down)!!!
Tierney on 95.7 is gonna be excited, he's been pushing for Manningham awhile now
this is an upgrade over josh morgan, he's a true vertical threat. crabtree and vd work the middle of the field and moss and manningham stretch the field
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I guess Manningham is Morgan replacement. Manningham is poor man's Crabtree? haha
Originally posted by ninerfan818:
I hope we didn't overpay. His stats from 2011.

39 catches for 523 yards and 4TD's. I would have rather had Lloyd.

Agreed. Manningham was Eli's #3 behind Cruz and Nicks. We still don't have a standout #1 WR on the roster. However we do have quite a few pass catching weapons, if you include rbs and te's.
Scrolling on the bottom of the NFL Network. Jason LaCanfordianistarialona says it is a two year deal. My guess is two years for $9 million. The WR market has really dried up. Brandon Lloyd signed a pretty meager contract number, so I expect Manningham's contract to be slimmer than expected.

While this move helps alleviate the loss of Morgan, I am not so sure it is an upgrade. Will have to wait and see. The WR market really dried up the past few days, and the contract numbers for these guys are shrinking before our eyes. Brandon Lloyd's contract was shockingly low. Seems like the league doesn't place a lot of value on Lloyd nor Manningham.

Probably ends the Niners pursuit of Mike Wallace, if they were even interested in the first place. Still badly need interior line help. And, how about a QB?
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Peyton or Alex, we're set to have a pretty good year. Can't wait!!!!
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he killed us in championship im glad hes here. he also makes some great catches. im happy we got him, especially if moss is not moss. hes also clutch
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Originally posted by valrod33:
Alex has some weapons now. Crabtree, Manningham, Moss, VD and Gire

Originally posted by BigDaddy:
Rumors say the Pats threw a pen to Lloyd for him to sign the contract and he successfully ducked the throw.

I actually started that rumor in a different thread days ago! I said Harbaugh was going to sign him, but he threw the pen and Lloyd ducked - that's why he left.

I also think that was the "real" reason there was a delay in him signing with the Pats!
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
He's a HORRIBLE route runner. One of my best friends is an old-school die-hard Giants fan and this guy probably contributed more to raising his blood pressure than anyone else on that team. That is one of the things that concerns me about him, he's got a reputation of running the wrong route, or quitting on routes early after the ball is already in the air, leading to easy pickoffs by the defense such as what happened against the 49ers this year. He's tough, he's physical, he's a willing run-blocker but by all accounts he's isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

Early on in FA he was looking for a big money deal, to be paid like a #1 receiver, reality is a b***h though as he realized that he was overrating himself considerably, if he plays as a #3 guy for the 49ers, then its a good deal, anything more...........

I know. I edited to say probably me
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