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49ers sign Mario Manningham

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Why is this no where on yet Brandon Lloyd signing with the Pats is on the front page?

cuz that happened like over 3 hours ago...this just broke
Ginn isn't getting any more attention. He'll resign for cheap.
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man, that video has the most bobbled catches I've ever seen in a highlight tribute.

Hope he improves from that....I know he made that clutch catch in the Super Bowl but still.......I do like that he has speed though. Now we have Moss, Williams, Manningham with speed.

Yeah, but some of those catches are have been better than any 49er WR catch since Lloyd was here in 2005.
Great signing!! This is turning out to be a great offseason. And to think we still have the draft coming up to build depth! I love this team.
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I'll say it again. Who is going to return kicks and punts for this team? I like the signing but I was hoping for Ginn to return. It might still happen but I doubt it. Any ideas?

Rock Cartwright, Kendall Hunter, Perrish Cox, or Reggie Smith.

1. Cartwright only returns kicks and isn't nearly good enough to give us the filed position we had last year.
2. Hunter could be good at kick returns but he has never done punts.
3. Cox was out of the league last year so he is far from a sure thing.
4. Reggie Smith isn't even on the team anymore.

So we are putting all our eggs in the Cox basket? That is worrisome. This and the RG issue need to be fixed asap.
Relax a team doesn't fill every single hole in only free agency. There are still trades and the draft
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only sense to get manning. Manning to manningham
some good manningham highlights

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Peyton Manning has some weapons now. Crabtree, Manningham, Moss, VD and Gire


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Originally posted by valrod33:
Peyton Manning has some weapons now. Crabtree, Manningham, Moss, VD and Gire


Frank Gire babay!
I like the signing and quite frankly cannot understand how anyone wouldnt. What I think it does is eliminate the need to reach for a WR in the first round and instead focus on both the offensive and defensive lines.

I am hoping for a trade up for DeCastro or get Konz or Glenn. I think the one position the Niners really need to fill in right OG. I know it is not the norm to move up for an OG but DeCastro would be worth it.
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Ricky Jean Francois: Its going down #MarioManningham signs with 49ers. This is a sick WR squad. It's going to be crazy on the Offensive side of the ball
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Man oh man this s**t just keeps getting better and better

dis doe

Manning is next. baleed dat.

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Everyone who says that is basing it off of their giants friends. Doesn't greg cossell do film review? Would like to read some analysis like that

Yeah, the people who watched him every Sunday for years on end don't have a f**king clue about stuff like that.
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