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Poll: Peyton or Alex?

Poll: Peyton or Alex?

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Right, we are trolls. Give me a break. Every single post of yours is an attempt to mock or ridicule someone else. And always with the laughing smileys.

And I actually WAS at the NFC Championship game, unlike you. I clearly saw Alex lead the team to a victory, and Kyle Williams lose it for us.

Plenty of fans at the game claim Alex was missing open receivers. Actually, you could see it from home on some plays especially late in the game. The Niners converted ONE meaningless third down all game (including Overtime) and yet you saw Alex leading us to victory? lol

You could see open receivers down the field when the camera always follows the ball and not the receivers?

There were several times when there was an open receiver down the field but the Giant DL had pushed back into Smith's face and/or had their hands up in the passing lane denying him a window to throw through.

You have to watch the WHOLE game, not just the ball, if you are really going to analyze any part of it. These things do not happen in a vacuum.
Originally posted by verb1der:
Just curious, the 33% Alex supporters, please stand up!

For the record, I'm neutral.

Think we can win ring # 6 with Manning too... so we'll be okay with either QB. Still prefer Alex though, and don't care who knows it or disagrees.

your parting gift, Alex Smith.
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Originally posted by SoCal9ers:
some of you Alex Smith supporters still can't get it past yourself.
if Peyton Manning is healthy and ready to go, you cannot in your right mind take Smith over Manning

Is Manning the better qb if he fully recovers, yes.
Is Manning the better qb at 90%, probably.
Is Manning the better qb at 80%, probably not.

The 9er went 13-3 in a short off season with a whole new coaching staff and system, with a suspect O line for the first half of the year and WR's who cant get separation for ANY QB to throw too. This is not an AS vs PM argument, simply put, Alex is better for this team, Manning doesnt help us with out WR problem and breaks the chemistry of a SB team (WR's who get open or not Kyle Williams returning punts and were in)

if we had a QB that can throw more TD's and just not put us in FG range.
^ nothing inflammatory about that. Or is that the direction the WZ is choosing to strive for?
I think the Manning signing would have backfired. There are way too many "ifs" with that guy to commit to a 5 year $95 Million contract. I think Denver will regret that decision, but this move for them satisfies an ulterior motive of changing the topic and moving on from Tim Tebow who was so popular with their fan base but not loved by management. So, maybe it works out for Denver in that regard. I don't see Peyton Manning taking Denver to the Super Bowl, though, and I don't think he was a sure thing to get the Niners there either. Re-sign Smith, let him compete with Kaepernick, and with the savings you could probably pick up Josh Johson on the cheap, who has been displaced in Tampa Bay. Draft a stud guard and a heavy-duty Frank Gore replacement.
manning will be hit, he will get up and continue to be successful.
Time to lock this... there are plenty of Manning threads to talk about him.

Tebow to Peyton: You b*****d!

Originally posted by verb1der:
Just curious, the 33% Alex supporters, please stand up!

For the record, I'm neutral.

I'm slim shady...
Manning still better than Alex, but he loves $$$$ more than rings
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