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Spencer released

Great interview with Maiocco today. Hard to believe he was here for 8 seasons. Seemed like a very decent guy and I thought he should've been on the field more this past season.
The problem with Spencer is not his character or talent. When he gets injured he isn't very good. It takes him awhile and he tends to not play very good until he's 100% over the injury. He gave us some good years when he was 100% healthy. I think some team will get a very good CB if he's healthy. We just couldn't take that 3 mil hit coupled with the uncertainty of his coming off an injury year.
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Spencer> Brown

this. i don't know what he did to get on the staff's bad side but it had to be something.

I thought that too for a while..... But it became clear the coaching staff saw something on the tape or on field they didn't like in Spencer's game (injury included too probably) Brown had improved tremendously throughout the season and I eventually took what I said about Spencer > Brown back.
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Best of luck Spencer! Thanks for all the effort as a 49er!
maybe he'll go to duh raiduz!!!
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Mario Manningham is Gonna Be a Niner baby!!

dont show that f**king video in here

Way too soon!
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one WR in FA and one in draft to develop we still dont know how productive a 35 year old 1 year removed from NFL moss will be

thats why i think getting royal or lloyd is a must

get hill wright in 1st or marvin jones in 2nd along with a RG depending where you go WR
Great minds think alike. K Wright also has return capability.
Always liked you Spencer.Good bye and good luck!
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