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Would anybody on last years roster...

and as far as Frank goes hes the franchise leader in rushing yards , he's on the list.
Assuming everyone is in their prime absolutely.

Bar none these guys make it- Willis. Davis. Gore. Smith, Justin. Lee. Jennings. I'm playing Bret Jones and Vernon Davis at TE. Then Jerry and TO at wideout. Add Rathman and Craig to the backfield and you don't need anymore recievieving threats. Imagine harbaugh rolling his offense with Vernon, Jones, and Rathman in the Jumbo TE package with Rathman being the swing guy. Then Craig playing fullback in front of gore and then you have to go cover Jerry. Or you can go two wideouts with TO and Craig or Gore at the single back. Or you can pull jones off the field and let Tom play Hback just off the line and let Roger lead block for Gore. You could call any play out of that foromation with Joe throwing the ball.

Guys to watch-Aldon Smith. I mean he has the potential to be up there with Haley. Also since I'm playing 3-4 in the all time team I might have to take Soapoaga at NT. Mike Iupati at guard.

Something to consider also. I'm playing Lott and Wright in their prime at Corner. That leaves some stiff competition for FS/SS. I'm probably taking Merton Hanks at the Free Safety. Strong is wide open.
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K.Willams all time scewup
Patrick Willis, Brian Jennings and Andy Lee.

Justin Smith has to be close (BY, Nomelli, Krueger?)

VD and Jones are pretty tight right now.
Originally posted by BleedRednGold84:
Be on your all time 49ers team?

I say Willis Gore and J.Smith are really the only ones in the conversation and maybe V.Davis

What do you guys think?

This +1
J. Smith

Damn, that was a hell of a team we had last year. 7 guys would be on my all-time list. Hopefully we get another shot at winning it all.
"Smith to Rice"

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