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What would make you cream your pants this offseason?

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VJAX, Stephen HIll, Brandon Car, Collin K starting QB by season start.


Not digging Kaep starting

Vjax, Fleener and Joe Adams
Resign alex rogers and grant draft Hill and a top notch og.
Really good lap dance by the Niner cheerleading squad, yes all of them
Demarcus Ware, Mario Williams, Vincent Jackson, Dwayne Bowe, Rob Gronkowski, Nicks, Brandon Carr, all added to our team in free agency, while resigning Carlos Rodgers to pair with brandon carr and Culliver Jacking *ss up.

SKEET IN HER FACE IN THE SHOWER SKEET... Skeet some more... Skeet SKeeeeeeeeeet... Skeeet... Skeet.
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Doing Misa Campo.
Mike Wallace, skeet skeet
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Hill in the 1st round
OG in Free agency or in the Draft
Vincent Jackson in free agency
and a late round pass rusher that becomes a force
Originally posted by Youngb:
- Don't want Manning, too much drama

What drama? You say it as if Peyton is T.O.

Peyton would make us immediate Super Bowl FAVORITES. Not just contenders, favorites.
Originally posted by Youngone:
Mike Wallace, skeet skeet


Vincent Jackson and Coby Fleener
Originally posted by valrod33:

I like when people think exactly like me.

Dude is seriously going to be a steal.
Mario Williams, and any of the top flight receivers
Originally posted by Genius1310:
Trade our 1st for Wallace.
Trade up in round 2 to get Fleener.

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