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What would make you cream your pants this offseason?

Trade Smith for Rodgers.

Hey a man can dream.
Dry humping the buck out of Cameron Bad Teacher!
Originally posted by 49erRider:
Originally posted by Youngb:
- Don't want Manning, too much drama

What drama? You say it as if Peyton is T.O.

Peyton would make us immediate Super Bowl FAVORITES. Not just contenders, favorites.

Media would be all over this team and that would create drama. They would have to make stories, even if there weren't any. I did not say it was if Peyton was T.O. lets not make any assumptions here.

Think of all the crap that the Vikings had to deal with when they signed Favre... it would be worse. I don't care about being the Super Bowl favorites. How often do Super Bowl favorites win the Super Bowl???
Originally posted by pakalolo415:
Peyton Manning would be a dream come true! I seriously believe he would win 2 Superbowls with us at least!
-Signing another veteran CB, even if we bring Rogers back (Rogers, Culliver, Brown, FA, Draft pick) , depth at CB is a must if we are going to be a top 5 team

-Signing a deep threat at WR, through the draft or free agency, we need that deep threat on the roster to become a well oiled machine

-Bring in Fleener , ok, I'm on the Fleener bandwagon, but with Davis, Walker and Fleener, we could do a lot of things with a three TE set

-Sign a bulldozing mauler to play RG, Rachal has had his chance, it's time for him to move on, we need a mean RG, either through the draft or free agency, I dont care

-Bring in a big, powertful RB for goal line and short yardage situations, Dixon has to go, we need that big powerful back on the roster for a change of pace from Gore and Hunter, we could pound on a defense and wear them out if we had a power back
drafting a number 2 receiver to complement Tree.
drafting a running back who can be an every down back to relieve Frank.
Maintaining our salary structure so that we can continue to re-sign our guys namely Bowman before he is off his rookie deal.
I havent' fapped in over two weeks, but if manning signed, I'd have to go home , no lie

Just the thought of that is instant Champeonatos.
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Originally posted by valrod33:

I like when people think exactly like me.

Dude is seriously going to be a steal.

Originally posted by pakalolo415:

This and only this.

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Originally posted by ChazBoner:
I can't lie that would even though it's unlikely.

you guys realize that hes coming off a career threatening injury, and is turning 36 in a couple weeks, right?

He would also cost a LOAD. Hed be stepping into a new offense with all new teammates. no chemistry with any, and thered be an adjustment period to get it all down. We dont even know if his health will last. he might get sacked in week 3 and be done forever.

Theres a reason the 49ers have had ZERO interest in Manning from day 1. hes a waste of time and money. by the time he got acclimated here, hed be way too old to win us a SB. and btw, his brother is the playoff hero, not him.
Originally posted by blunt_probe:
Originally posted by pakalolo415:

This and only this.

This, lol @ bad Photoshopping
Vincent Jackson and all of our key guys re-signed

.......................david garrard
Vincent Jackson in free agency and Trent Richardson in the draft.
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