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Biggest surprise of the 2011 season?

Biggest surprise of the 2011 season?

Our back-up kick returner couldn't return kicks, and that cost us a dream season, and a Super Bowl!
The Three Amigos --
Alex Smith played as well as I always believed he could, not spectacular, but kept the team in it and won a couple for us.
Justin Smith played like I thought he could, they unleashed him like Nolan said he would and never did.
Aldon Smith was way better then I expected -- I though he would be too light to be effective in year 1, and yet his cat-like elusiveness and quickness to get through the line and to the QB was simply amazing. AND more amazing, when he played the run, he did a great job as well, didn't look lost at all.
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Biggest surprise individually:

Bruce Miller
Aldon Smith
Kendall Hunter
Justin Smith
Tarrell Brown
Carlos Rogers
Navarro Bowman

Notice more than half of these guys are rookies and 2nd year guys. Good job Baalke!
Originally posted by GolittaCamper:
Our back-up kick returner couldn't return kicks, and that cost us a dream season, and a Super Bowl!

Alex Smith the comeback kid
Aldon Smith the eager puppy
Justin Smith the junkyard dog
And Navaro " P.Willie part2" Bowman
Remember too that if Ted Ginn didnt return TWO for touchdowns in our home opener against seattle our whole season would have been different. seems like every game somebody stepped up out of nowhere to give us a win.... The TEAM chemistry was the biggest suprise.
one thing for sure, many people are talking about drafting a WR and yes we do need a young one .. But we do need another pass rusher and quality corner ...
I expected 2010 to be like last year only because Coach Sing had me pumped up with expectation... major disappointment........

So I voted for hosting the NFC Championship game because I couldn't see the 9ers making it that close to the SB.......

2011 was a very surprising season!!!
Aldon Smith...... I mean really, that was the biggest surprise.

1.alex playing the way he did.
2.justin bein all pro at 2 positions.thats just unheard of.
3.navaro bein all pro.had no idea that would happen after Spikes left.
4.Aldon comin and producing the way he did.his pick to me was a headscratcher at the time.him bein robbed for "droy" by the guy I wanted (v.miller),never saw that comin in a million years.
5.C.Rogers production after his career in Wash.very good bargain after all the doe N.Clements got from us.
6.Coach Harbaughs first year success.I knew dude was a good coach in college.that doesnt always translate to pro success.on top of dealing w the lockout and the shortened offseason.hats off to coach.
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The 14-4 record has to be the biggest surprise. I'm an optimist and believed they might be 9-7...short TC, new system, new coaching!
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Bowman. In 2010 he looked lost much of the time. 2011 was a complete surprise.

Not Alex Smith. He showed me enough once Mike Johnson took over in 2010 to convince me he could do what he did last season.
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Originally posted by lamontb:
The +28 turnover differential

That's what I picked. Didn't see that coming at all, and that turnover differential lead to everything else pretty much.. Without those 4 turnovers by Brees we don't make it to the NFC conference game. Without the turnovers we don't grab nearly that many wins.
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Had to vote for Gire
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