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Who challenges us for the NFC West title this year

Who challenges us for the NFC West title this year

We have gone from the NFC least to the NFC beast. In order for us to stay ahead and dominate our team has to evolve. Which team is our biggest threat and why? I think our run defense is so strong we can stop the Seahawks. Rams are recovering but with a huge draft hall could reshape like us. But I thinkargue Cards are te team we should worry about. They are great on defense and offense is developing. JH has a lot of work cut out with our upcoming schedule. Last years schedule was probably hard given the traveling, but this year it could be harder. We have talked a lot about NO, the packers, Giants, and Lions. But we have to win in our own back yard. The NFC West may be the best in football next year.
I didn't vote because I don't think neither of these teams will prevent us from winning the west again.
I don't see any NFC West teams challenging us but if I had to pick, I'd say the Cards for reasons of continuity. They have Kolb, who is a decent QB albeit a bit overrated (and injury prone), and you can never count out Fitz who's easily still a top-five receiver. The Seahawks will likely have a lot of turnover this offseason (new QB, new WR's) and that works against them going into next year. I think Lynch is really good and they do have an up and coming defense, but overall they still a ways to go.

The Rams are looking more like the 9ers of old. Yet another new coach, and new system for Bradford to learn. However, I think Fisher is a good coach and will get more out of them than Spags did. Still, they need much help on both sides of ball and don't have a lot of cap space, so it will be hard.
I think it will be the Seahawks, if they can get a decent starting QB.

( hate the Hawks and hate saying that )
I think the Cards. They have a young, emerging defense and if Kolb is even halfway decent, Fitzgerald will do a lot of damage. Also don't forget their running game; Wells is a pounder but is stoppable and injury-prone, but they were high on Ryan Williams before his injury in the preseason. If he turns out to be a slasher like Kendall Hunter is for us, they could have a reasonably dynamic offense to go with their above-average defense.

The Seahawks have, for my money, the best young secondary in the league, but they lack receiving options, strong QB play, and strong O-line play.

One thing to look out for in the next 2-3 seasons is if Arizona's young pass-rushers get better, if the high picks St Louis has dedicated to its D-line, and if Seattle's linebackers emerge, the NFC West may soon get a reputation for being one of the hardest hitting divisions in the league, right behind or on par with the AFC North.
Seahawks will have their nose up our rear end
The hawks and cards were playing very well at the end of last year, and both will be tough outs.
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It will be a new year.

All three of them will challenge us.
It will be the Seahawks. All they need is a QB'S and another pass rusher to be better if they keep Lynch. The Niners are going to have two wars against them every year for the foreseeable future.

i'm thinking it will be the rams, seahawks or cardinals
Seahawks and cards.
We still win unless we have some major injuries. The Seahawks are the 2nd best team. They played us tight for both games and could have won, and they beat some good teams. They just need a better QB. This question is way too early though. Alot of what ifs... If Manning goes to Arizona that could be big. We are still the best though.
All teams will be better next year, but we will be better next year. Just fix the offense for our team and I'm not worried about our division. It's the games outside that are going to be supertough.
Should be a good race for the division title. We will more than likely take a step back, and I expect either the Cards or Seahawks to take a step forward. Seattle is putting together a really nice young offensive line, and could be a tough competitor in 2012. If Peyton lands in Arizona, I think they are favored to win the division.
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