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Will we still be san fran if we move?

Thanks Sus, for sharing that. I had not seen it before.
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Northern California 49ers of Santa Clara whom formally resided in San Francisco's Hunters Point District.
Houston did get sold to Tennessee, Cleveland did get sold to Baltimore, but 49ers are just building a new stadium not getting sold to anyone.
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sacramento 49ers
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sacramento 49ers

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sacramento 49ers

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sacramento 49ers

Man they can't even hold on to a crappy NBA team.
South Bay 49ers of San Francisco in Santa Clara
Nor cali 49ers

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We will be called..

Great America's 49ers of the United States
You are either not a fan of the history of the NFL, foolish or simply crazy if you think the 49ers will keep San Francisco in the name for more than 4 years after this move. Look no further than the Patriots for a clear example, (blueprint) if you will, on how this will happen. For those of you that simply watch football and consider yourself a fan I advise you to look into it. The Pats were originally called the BOSTON Patriots. Then they move 40 or so miles south to Foxborough (sounding familiar yet?). A few years after moving the team felt that they needed to change their name to something that better fit their new location. So became the NEW ENGLAND Patriots.
This is a very sly way for a owner to move their franchise without the backlash. This WILL happen in this case.
I was born and raised in the city of San Francisco. I cannot begin to understand how a person that grew up with this team and is a resident of the city or even the greater Bay Area can think for one second that they will be playing in Santa Clara and called San Francisco. This team has very minimal contact with San Francisco. They have not for many years. They do all of their community service projects in the South Bay. Practice facility? South Bay. Team events and Gala's? South Bay. Stadium (come 2014) South Bay.
C'Mon man! Don't be foolish. I give it four years tops. After that they will have all those foolish believers committed to buying season tickets and then boom. The hammer will drop. hurts. This is my lifelong team but I will REFUSE to continue once they change their name.
Sad thing is that I don't really blame them. The San Francisco city government is filled with flaming left-wingers that could care less about the 49ers. The residents of the city are now all these transient people that are their for a few years after or during college. Then they go. The backing of the city was lost years ago because of these two issues. Because of that we will soon lost the real SAN FRANCISCO 49ers.
So,will the gay olympics move to Candlestick?Shwing...
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