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Deep threat or big receiver?

Im curious to know what you guys would rather have or think we need more. Some ppl feel we need a speedy downfield guy like a d jackson, and some think we need a big body receiver like bowe or jackson. I've heard the arguments that we need a big wr for redzone reasons but some think we need a speedy guy to stretch the field. Me personally think we need both, ginn is great for special teams but doesn't get open consistently and doesn't have the greatest hands. Crabtree can make some plays but also has issues getting open. Is there even enough cap room for us to get a big wr and speed guy? I'd like to resign Morgan because he has hands and can get open but I don't want to bank on a guy coming off injury, besides it wouldn't make sense to have 3 possession wr cuz we will sign a free agent and we still have Crabtree, thoughts?
Dwanye Bowe is 6-2, and a top 10 WR in the NFL nuff said
Isn't V Jackson a big receiver and a deep threat?
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pull a ditka and draft blackmon.
Build thru the draft.

With the exception of New England every quality passing attack built their receiving core thru the draft.

As far as big or small goes I think we should try to bringing in a couple of guys so look for both.
I read "Deep throat" at first glance.
O my GOD
Big WR that fights for the ball.

We already have a couple deep threats.
I have a feeling we're going to resign Morgan and sign manningham, manningham a decent big play receiver at a cheaper price, and we'll probably split Vernon out more and make him out big receiver like we did in the playoffs

In regards to WR size, I don't think it is absolutely imperative to get somebody who is 6'4"+. I'd like to get someone with size, but he doesn't HAVE to be huge. We will overlook a lot of quality WR's that way.

6'0" or 6'1" is more than enough size to line up at flanker or split end and be a difference maker. If we can get a 6'4" + WR that has the skills to be a playmaker, that would be awesome. But good WR's come in many sizes.
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Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
I read "Deep throat" at first glance.

Same here
Sign Robert Meachem and you get both size and speed.

Or we can always draft Stephen Hill or Tommy Streeter in rd 2 and hope our coaches can whip him into shape quickly.
Bowe or vjax ftw.
sign mario williams and draft WR
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