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Vernon Davis on Aldon Smith: He needs to keep his head on straight

Originally posted by TJA85:
Originally posted by global_nomad:
Ok so it's on ..pool party at my house I will give you details as long as your not a creep!!!!!/aldonsmithJETS/status/193414118559059968

Damn aldon invited anyone to his house. He does have a few screws loose.

Wow I click on that link and the first thing I see is one of my former football players that I used to coach tweets "Where's the Pool Party at?" lolol weird.

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So who's going to his party?
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I know where he lives . He is neighbors with my wife's friend in the Evergreen mountain Area of San Jose.
foe twanty partie its gon b krackin doe
Originally posted by crabman82:
aldon smith, the next charles haley, in more ways than one

Only on the field. Until it becomes a pattern I will attribute his DUI to being a youthfull indiscretion.
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