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The 49ers have a very difficult road in future playoffs in the NFC.

Originally posted by 1251alex:
lol. way to b***h out before the season starts. If anything, the NFC is going to have a hard time getting by the niners, much like they did this season. A team that was 6-10 the previous season went to the NFCC game with the same group of guys a year later. We upgrade a few key positions and you better watch out.

The thing is, that 6-10 team was destined to be a playoff team that year from a lot of predictors, and run away with the NFC West like they did this year.
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Originally posted by redmanc07:
Our defense didn't really have too much trouble with Eli and we beat Brees as well. The problem we will have is if we have to go to the Superdome.

or Lambeau. The Lions and Giants don't scare me at all. But possibly facing the Packers or Saints on the road would be the toughest hurdle to get to a superbowl.
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the NFC is going to be tough for years, for sure. Its definitely the better conference.

but we were a better, more complete team than all of those teams, this year. We have a rising star in the Front Office. A young owner who seems to know what he's doing. And the best coach in the NFL. Not to mention a ton of young, home-grown talent.

Those teams are going to be chasing us, no matter who they have under center.
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Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
agree on everything but bears

i dont think they will make playoffs but theyre at least a 500 team forte is good cutler is good they will fix line and WR this season (for most part) their D is aging though but other than that theyre at least a .500 team

Vikings will be better. Lions and packers are much better. They will have to play the cards, eagles and panthers. That's a lot of loses.
Originally posted by HoneyBadger49er:
I'm not afraid of any of those teams next year

Have some faith. Those teams should be afraid of the Niners. 2011 was our season of arrival. 2012 will be our season of domination.
No s**t...that's why this year was the matter how you wanna sugar coat it....the NFC is stacked with talent and we won't sniff the title game for another 5 summers.....ask the Giants, Packers or the Saints if you don't believe me
Yep, it was all lined up for us this year. I think we might have a better overall team next year but we will find it hard to win 10 games and only be able to host a wildcard game. The super bowl is not going through Candlestick next year, I can promise you that.
Originally posted by NinerPrideinNJ:

Have some faith. Those teams should be afraid of the Niners. 2011 was our season of arrival. 2012 will be our season of domination.

nobody will be "afraid" of the niners until we improve our offense.
Alex the freak Smith , he took us to the Championship Game on his own when our D falterd !

I've been watching the NFL for too long.....The NFL is a overhyped piece of s**t right now.....A 9-7 team won the Super Bowl.....A wild card team won it last year....The talk about elite this and elite, i just don't see it! Anyone can win it, s**t ain't hard!
um newsflash, its never easy to win your conference, and the years that its "easier" those teams usually get stomped in the sb anyways, i wouldnt wanna have it any other way, love playing elite competition
Sure it will be tough. But it will be just as tough for them.

They also have to play eachother not just us - attrition will hit them too. The challenge is to keep getting better through the draft and FA - just like Baalke/JH did this year.

Look what excellent coaching did with almost the same players. Look what an excellent Front Office did in FA/Draft. We're on the road to excellence.

Keep thhe a Faith.
49ers vs Texans will be next year's Superbowl.
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Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
It would be a huge problem to go to the Superdome. I think a bigger problem than Lambeau. Any future year we are planning on winning we better have homefield advantage over the Saints at least. They are absolutely deadly at home in the playoffs. Or any time for that matter.

Good, Then we can go down there and kick their ass, in front of their home fans!
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