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Originally posted by thechamber52:
It feels so good to know our team is "Superbowl or bust" now instead of "hope we make it to .500"


Gonna be a great game to watch... Im gonna go with 31-24 niners... ginn opens the season with a kick off return for a touchdown. VD has a good game 90+ yards and a touch. Gore will go off for 96 and a touch. crabtree has a touchdown in this game... akers solid day. 4 pats and a fg...

... meh.... eff the giants...
meh a regular season win won't mean anything. Payback must come in the playoffs.
Can't wait to see how the team improves! Hard to watch today's game, but a new season is upon us
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
oh yeah....

I might sound cocky, but it's our championship to lose next year. If we remain healthy and improve our WR core, WE WILL BE THE TEAM TO BEAT out of the NFC. Again, football is unpredictable, but our players are so f**king hungry to win next season and we have post season experience. Again, the niners are the team to beat out of the NFC, and that's a fact!
Originally posted by monsterzero789:
#6 or bust

Originally posted by OnTheClock:
We need some receivers first.

Is it really so hard to upgrade over the following players in the draft this year?:

WR Ginn
WR Williams
TE Peele

It's amazing how far we made it this year with those 3 getting significant playing time. I'm looking forward to what we do this off-season to replace these guys in the rotation. I hope it looks something like this:

Josh Morgan in, Ginn out
Draft WR, Williams out
Draft TE, Peele out
Ginn must be IN unless we pull in a reliable punt and a matter of fact, even if we do have one keep Ginn for that sole purpose.

Originally posted by susweel:
meh a regular season win won't mean anything. Payback must come in the playoffs.

Sus post
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