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Goal #1: DESTROY New York in the season opener in front of all their fans
im fully confident we will if we just do one thing in FA or draft..... get a good WR. resign our guys.
We need some receivers first.

Is it really so hard to upgrade over the following players in the draft this year?:

WR Ginn
WR Williams
TE Peele
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:

Goal #1: DESTROY New York in the season opener in front of all their fans

Hell yeah baby! Go 49ers!!
oh yeah....

We won't play them in season opener. Super Bowl champs get home game on opening week. We play them at home next year. They will play Dallas or eagles.
Teams I want the Niners to beat the most on there way to the SB next year

New York Giants

And any other motherf*ck'n team that stands in Harbaugh's way of holding the Lombardi trophy. Yes -- with Alex Smith.

5 > 4

f**k the Giants! Flukiest SB champs ever!
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Not a goal, much less goal #1.

I guarantee ya the Giants won't even be in the playoffs next season (Super Hangover), everybody knows the 49ers/Saints/Lions rivalries have just started cooking.
This is going to be the most exciting offseason in a long time! I expect trent ballke will make the right moves! We should be a hot destination for alot of players at a reasonable price!
Giants play at san francisco next year. im 100% sure it will be on SNF game
#6 or bust
It feels so good to know our team is "Superbowl or bust" now instead of "hope we make it to .500"

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