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Super Bowl XLVI: Lose-Lose for Niners fans

A) Giants ended our season & are a historically bitter rival. Another title gives them 4 since 1980

B) Patriots (Tom Brady) have matched Joe in terms of 4 titles. Another championship might propel Tom ahead of Joe in many peoples eyes. Belicheck will have surely eclipsed Walsh with 2 extra rings

Bitter circumstances for us
I hope they both lose.
Best case scenario I can think of is the winning team's MVP is a defensive back like that Dallas CB against the Steelers in '96, or some other non glamour player. Or maybe MVP on the losing team which has happened before.

Hopefully there will be an epic special teams screw up that costs the game so there can be misery for eternity. It's one thing to lose a champ game and wonder "what if"......losing a super bowl is final and forever!!
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Not looking forward to it... May not watch.. call me a sore loser!
I'm not watching.
may lucas oil stadium collapse...consolation ravens-niners game in london

Originally posted by susweel:
I hope they both lose.

This. It can happen.
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we lost people need to get over it. Hopefully we beat them in a rematch next year; I don't consider them a "rival" per say
Originally posted by D-NOTTE:
Not looking forward to it... May not watch.. call me a sore loser!

I want the Patriots to win. Tom Shady and Belicheat deserve their legacy! screw the loudmouth Gigantes in the butt.
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