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Aldon Smith got a dui doe

The kids paid to play football, not be a role model right?
Originally posted by sacninesixteen:
It is clear neither of you have a clue what you're talking about. First off not all cops are thugs and pigs. And cops can't just ADD a DUI charge because he feels like it. If you knew how they're trained and how it works you'd know that. If you're over the limit, you're over the limit end of discussion. If Aldon submitted to the field sobriety tests and the officer deemed he was not under the influence, then Aldon walks. There are many things officers take into account I won't get into. But maybe you should know what you're talking about before jumping to conclusions. Aldon made a mistake, and as a lifelong 49er fan it's disappointing to see, but don't go blaming the officers. He's lucky he didn't injure or kill someone, then he'd be facing felony charges as opposed to a misdemeanor

I didn't say that all cops are thugs; and that wasn't the part on which I had agreed with the previous poster. I also wasn't suggesting that when a cop adds a charge of DUI or DWI, that it wouldn't technically be a valid charge. My point was that cops will stop people sometimes for things totally unrelated to the ultimate charge. And some cops do Target certain people for whatever reason, and if you don't think this happens then you live in fantasy land. As I said previously, the legal limit for a DWI charge is very low, which is not necessarily a bad thing, given the dangers of drinking and driving. However, many people will have a couple drinks that technically puts them over the limit which then makes them subject to a DWI charge even if they show no outward appearance of intoxication. It is also not true that cops will always let you go if you pass a field sobriety test. Sometimes they still take you in for further testing. For this reason I was suggesting that we should reserve judgment on Aldon until we get more facts. It does appear now from the facts that Aldon was highly intoxicated and therefore the blame lies with him. I am disappointed as I thought he was more mature than this.
so now he will have to go into the NFL's drug program. One more mistake or failed test means 4 game suspension.
Originally posted by ace49ers:
The kids paid to play football, not be a role model right?

Charles? that you Charles?????..........
stay classy in sd Aldon!!/aldonsmithJETS/status/166720279144439808
Originally posted by NinerGold39:
still don't get why pro athletes need to drive when they know they're going to party? They can afford to hire a driver without losing street cred and still look pimp.

Sometimes you don't want a cab/limo driver following you everywhere and selling anonymous scoops to gossip mags
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