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Get rid of Kyle Williams or keep him?

Get rid of Kyle Williams or keep him?

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If this would have happened on a regular season Sunday, Williams would have been CUT on Monday. For all you who keep whining/rationalizing that "it takes a team," "1-for-13 on 3rd down," blah blah blah, that's just LAME. Yes the offense was struggling, and of course you can deconstruct every game to say "well if this guy did this, then that would or wouldn't have happened." Stop it. The facts are that, as much as Smith/Offense were struggling, at the beginning of the 4th qtr they had enough points to win. The Niner D was KILLING Manning and the Giants...I don't think they even made it past midfield in 2nd half / OT, EXCEPT for the two gifts from Williams.

Sorry, the dude is a bubble player to begin with, easily replaceable...his modest WR skills are not even close to offsetting the liability of his PROVEN low football IQ. Don't forget, besides his spotty history in college, he almost cost the Niners the #2 seed in that Dec. 24th game against the Seahawks...Niners were very lucky a questionable personal foul was called on the 'Hawks on the KO return where Williams slipped and didn't realize he was NOT down, and then fumbled on the hit.

yeah, I remember when we cut Delanie Walker, David Baas, and Philip Adams after their mistakes against the Saints last year.
Please. None of those players made 6, count 'em, SIX egregious errors in a single game. Of those six, 3 cost the 49ers yardage in a field-position game. One, the diving catch of the punt, was just risky and stupid given circumstances and conditions. Another one, the muff, yell "poison" and get the hell away from the ball. And finally, the fumble. In case you didn't notice, those last two effectively gave the Giants 10 points and a trip to Indy for the SB.

6? come on man.
1) drop/fumble on the attempted reverse, loss of 10 yards...this was on 1st/10, RIGHT AFTER holding Giants on 4th down.

2) dive to catch the punt

3 & 4) fair catches with no one within 10 yards...the second one I don't think there was a Giant within 15 yards.

5) muff

6) fumble

you fault him risky plays and also fault him for making the safe plays?

i count one "egregious error" in that list. The muff.

Not just that, but everyone is crucifying him over that last fumble....

....had any of you watched what had happened BEFORE that play. The O did NOTHING. NOTHING!!

The only points in the second half were scored after....wait for it....LONG KYLE WILLIAMS KICKOFF RETURNS!!!

As for the list above

1) bad play, but I actually blame the play call more then anything. You don;t call a play that puts the ball at risk that many times in those conditions. He also made a good play to get it back.

2) Bad play....but if you know anything about Candlestick, it's pretty common. On a windy, rainy day the ball will do some weird things in the air. He should have just let it go, but they guy is very young and will make those kinds of mistakes.

3 +4) No clue what you are talking about. Dunno those specific plays...but it's one or the other. He should either be conservative or try to make a play. Make up your mind.

5) BAD, BAD play. Total brainfart. Not excusing it.

6) He was trying to give the O good field position because they had shown ZERO ability to move the ball. None. He knew all they needed was a field goal and he tried to go out and win the game. I won't fault a guy for it.
1) That reverse was actually a good play call when you consider that it would have gained some good yardage. The Giants left DE did not hold contain, the (49er) right side was open. But regardless if you consider it a good or bad play call, the fact is: Williams dropped it and set up a 2nd/20.

2) No need to trot out excuses about youth, Candlestick, etc. Bad play. Period.

3-4) Oh please, as if one can only "root" for one extreme or the other. I root for the smart play. And in the context of punt returns, when there is no one within a couple yards of making the hit, let alone 10+, the smart play is to return the ball.

6) Agreed, he was trying to make a play. But again, HE fumbled it. Not the struggling offense.

I'll reiterate, I don't hate Kyle Williams, I don't want his planted on a spit outside the Stick. I'm just saying he made of host of bad plays, and I don't think it will be detrimental in any way if he is not on the 49ers next season.

1) It's not a good play call if it doesn't work (well...that may be too simplistic, but you get my point). You have to factor in the playing conditions when you call a play like that.

2) You not wanting me to trot them out doesn't make them any less true.

3+4) Just calling out hypocracy.

6) I didn't say the offense fumbled it. I was saying that he was trying to help his team win. He didn't hand the ball to the Giants on purpose. He was trying to win the game. The other guys get paid too. They defender made an outstanding play and Williams WAS trying to protect the ball by switching it to his outside arm (something you learn in the most masic levels of football....I mean like in Pop Warner). The defender dove and hit the ball as it was being switched to the other hand. Bad Luck. Good play by defender.

1) Oh brother. I would say it's a good call when it clearly had the left DE out of position, he was overpursuing to his right instead of holding contain. It wasn't like the Giants blew up the play in the backfield. It didn't work because Williams fumbled it.

2) I don't know it's so hard to just say it was a risky/bad play, without any qualifiers.

3-4) Ugh. It's not hypocrisy if you apply just a modicum of common sense. Otherwise, you're saying that it's either always play it safe and fair catch it, or always go for broke and damn the consequences.

6) Um, not quite. He started out with the ball in front of him, carried in both hands...then as he started to tuck the ball into his RIGHT arm, that's when the Giants player (also named Williams) slapped it out. Yeah KW was trying to make a play, but maybe, just MAYBE, you'd think that ball security might have crept into his thought process by that point. This isn't Week 5 of the regular season. It's the NFCCG....and considering the problems he already had, that means immediately upon fielding the punt it's THREE POINTS OF CONTACT with the ball, and as soon as you enter traffic, you add the 4TH POINT OF CONTACT, which is the off hand covering the top of the ball.

1) Did he? Did he ever have posession? Was it a good toss? I honestly don't remember. Just because the play bropke wide open doesn't make it a good call. If the conditions make it very risky then I don't think it's a good call. Even if had worked for a big game, I still think it was risky.

2) It was a risky move. It wasn't the correct call. I'm just saying the wind can do that to you. It wreaked havok with Outfielders for 20+ years.

3+4) ...and all I'm saying is that you don't get it both ways. You ask him to play balls out or play it safe. You don't get to criticize both (at least not without me calling you on it).

6) Um, quite. He was moving the ball to teh other arm. That's why it was away from his body. You can't have three points of contact while you are trying to move the ball AWAY from the defender. He was doing what you loearn in pop warner football. Outside arm. Ball on the sideline side. Thats what you are taught.

3-4) That's just stupid to say you can't criticize both. Of course I can, and you're not calling me out on anything. A couple plays he took stupid risks, and on the fair catches he had plenty of room to run. But maybe you really are that obtuse on this point.

6) Last time. Watch the play if you can stomach it. He had the ball out in front, then went to move it to his RIGHT arm, which was the SAME side the Giants player was coming from. He wasn't trying to move the ball away from the defender, and don't know where you've played or coached, but I/we would never coach a kid to try and switch arms in the fraction of second prior to contact, especially on a KO/punt return when players are flying directly at you. You START running with you solid ball/arm/body weld 3 points, and when you get in traffic, NO, you don't switch, you bring the off hand to cover up, i.e. the 4th point of contact.
Enough of this crap.

- 98
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