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What if Vernon davis moved to WR?

Originally posted by richierich:
He's also very good at blocking, which is why he's best suited for TE.

I've heard numerous times that he is an insane blocker for his position. He solo blocks DEs on many of our runs. His lateral movement doesn't seem like it's the best either, which is a big reason why I wouldn't consider him for wide receiver. He produces at TE and this offense focuses on TE play quite a bit so he's probably in the right position.
Getting late so I'll leave for the night on this note

Victor Cruz was an undrafted free agent signing by the Giants. . . .
Then he would no longer be a Tight End
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Then he would no longer be a Tight End

good point, well made.

Great username too, although if you like you can probably drop the "5" now (many of us share your pain) and add "yard short of a first down".
I can't wait to see VD next year, now that he understands the offense. Him and Walker will be fun to watch.
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I doubt he can run WR routes as good as the elite WRs. Why mess with something when it's not broken? We have an elite TE, let's milk it for all it's worth.
Can he return Punts?
Walker doesn't know how to run routes as crisp as a wr

Vernon is now running routes like a WR
Sorry guys, Alex doesnt throw to WRs unless its the deep ball and sometimes not even then.
Originally posted by valrod33:
Can he return Punts?

ouuuu, I like this

Vernon is a good TE and needs to remain there. I think if there is one thing I'd like him to work on is going up and grabbing the ball. When we get to the red zone, a big part of why our offense slows is because we don't have one guy that goes up to grab the ball.
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Originally posted by canadian49erfan:
Originally posted by valrod33:
Can he return Punts?

ouuuu, I like this

lmao. he is fast, it could work (insert mr. burns evil finger tip clap)
he needs to stay a TE because he can block for Gore when he gains 2 yards a carry
I have an idea, why not keep him at TE but shift him wherever we want to get a mismatch.
no where near quick enough. He's got plenty of straight away speed, but can't change direction quickly.
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