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QB position up for competition next year?


That's his stance on every position on the field.

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It's just Harbaugh speak. It was "open for competition" this past year, too, yet Smith was clearly the starter all year. If you were to ask Harbaugh if Justin Smith or Patrick Willis were guaranteed to start, he'd say no and that the positions are open for competition.
Originally posted by 49ersMan420:
Dont forget about Tolzien.

Yup , Harbaugh thought enough of him to go after him in favor of a veteran QB ...Tolzien and Kap will come into next season with better knowledge of the playbook and be better prepared, this is why I am excited we will have the same QB's and offensive system in place from the previous year , no more playing catch up for our QB's to learn ANOTHER DAMN SYSTEM ...All 3 QB's will hit the ground running ...I cant wait for Pre-season, and I'm sure Jim will bring in another QB for camp competition, maybe not a free agent, but a late round pick or undrafted QB to throw into the mix ...Kap and Tolzien will get a lot of snaps in pre-season, this is a good thing
Originally posted by SportsFan:
Originally posted by JustinNiner:
Kap is more mobile and has the better arm. Smith has more experience and can make smarter choices (for now).

I would like to see Kap buff up more.When he stands next to alex he looks pretty skinny

What? Leg wise, ya, he has some pretty skinny calves. But arms, the dude has guns man. Way bigger than Smith up top.

Really? Who cares? Look at Randall or Joe. Neither looked big. Shoot, look at Eli, dude has zero muscles.

If Harbaugh feels Kaep is ready, then Kaep will get a viable chance to win the starting job. If Kaep isn't ready, then Alex keeps doing what he does.
Originally posted by susweel:
Lets go Team Kap !!!

if only you knew
contract negotiation leverage
It's just coach speak people. also, could be a motivational tool
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The name Tolzien sounds like a winner

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Scott Tolzien looks like he can be a good QB. Good read on him from last week:

San Francisco's defense was No. 1 in the NFC this season, giving up an average of 308.2 yards per game.

"The way I look at it is this is an unbelievable opportunity," said Tolzien, whose team plays host to the Giants on Sunday in the NFC championship game. "I'm watching the game on Sunday and watching these quarterbacks get frustrated out there. I'm like, 'Shoot, that was me this Wednesday. Five straight passes I couldn't get a completion.'

"And then you see statistically our defense is tops in the league. So you say, 'Shoot, I truly am going against the best of the best every day.' So when you're having success, it's like, if I can do it against them I can do it against anyone. In the same way, when you're having a rough day you can say, 'Well, this is the best of the best and it's not going to be easy.' "

A former standout at the University of Wisconsin, Tolzien was signed by San Diego last summer as an undrafted free agent, was released after a month and promptly picked up by the 49ers. He has yet to appear in a game.

In a way, though, he feels as if he has played a role in every game. And he has.

"I'm trying to get myself better, and I'm trying to get our defense better," he said. "So ... sometimes I am going to try to squeeze one into tight coverage because I want our guys to get a look. I'm not going to throw the ball out of bounds because that's not going to give anyone looks. You emulate them to a degree, but at the same time you're trying to get yourself better and develop good habits."

By studying Brees and Eli Manning, he's picking up pointers from two of the best.

"Seeing them both from the sidelines — we've played them both this year — they're both so collected and in control," he said. "Their command of what they're doing is just so — they throw a great pass and then they just walk back and are so calm and collected.

"One thing that did stick out about those guys is their anticipation. They truly did get the ball out of their hands before the guy gets out of his break. I remember specifically being right on the sideline, both last week [when the 49ers defeated Brees' Saints] and when we played Eli, and there was an out-breaking cut right on our sideline. And with both guys, this ball was in the air before the receiver made his cut.

"The receiver turned around and it was like Santa Claus delivering a present right in his hands."
Originally posted by VDSF:
The name Tolzien sounds like a winner

Or an author of books about hobbits?

....will not be up for competition if we find a way to work Peyton Manning onto the team.
Maybe, but an interesting fact, of all QB's who started
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
I think 5 INT's all season for Smith has all but guaranteed him the starting job.

16 games Alex has the least yards and TD's. Our D ballled out last game. So if some one else can give us more Off I'm all for it. Besides no one should be given a position. We learned that from Smith already
Whoever is Quarterbacking will need better targets to throw at...

Too bad B. Edwards didn't have the same kind of career rejuvenation as C. Rogers... I was hopeful
As previously stated, that's Harbaugh's stance for all positions. Still, it'll be interesting to see if Kaep actually has gotten better. I didn't like the pick, but he could turn me into a believer with a few good preseason performances.
Originally posted by English:
Originally posted by VDSF:
The name Tolzien sounds like a winner

Or an author of books about hobbits?
I'm fine with that if the story lets us keep the ring this time.
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