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Anyone else still really bummed/depressed about the outcome of this year?

Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Still not over it. Worst loss in sports history as far as I've been following. By my most beloved team.

1) Packers lost.
2) We had homfield throughout the playoffs. Not easy to get.
3) Had lead in 4th Q of NFC Championship.
4) Almost 10 years of total suckitude and then we were so close.
5) Backup PR fumbles return....
6) Backup PR decides to fumble yet again deep in our own territory again....

It's like having post traumatic stress disorder. I'm still not over it and still not ok.

This, everything fell into place and Kyle Williams f**ked it all up
I saw alot of omens that week;

Vernon Davis tweeting about hosting a ''NFC Champions'' after party
We received the kickoff
D Goldson and Tarrell Brown
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