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We love naming catches( I, II, III ) do we name the fumble?

Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
only Cleveland names their teams f*ck ups.

Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
Worse because Kyle Williams doesn't have the numbers to give him even half the support that everybody is giving him. At least Craig has HOF numbers
What was worse was Craig had the numbers and experience and fumbled the ball, Williams is getting the support from the team because thats the way a team is supposed to be, and from the fans because he is a young inexperienced backup who made a mistake, yeah the timing for the mistake sucked royally. But he is still young and so far as a receiver has showed quite a bit of promise. Hell I would rather have him in Ginn's receiving position and Ginn full time PR/KR to protect his knees and utilize his returning skills.
The T.O. catch "Oh no he didn't, Oh yes he did"

Smith to Davis "Oh no he didn't, Oh yes he did II"
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