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We love naming catches( I, II, III ) do we name the fumble?

Originally posted by 9inermaniac:
Did they name the fumble by Craig?

Yeah, it's known as the "Thank you Roger for fckin up our 3-peat" game.
A game we lost that will be forgotten in years to come...
Yes. For all the simple minded who actually think games are decided by a play. That goes for the good plays and the bad plays
Leave that to the Giants.
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Name the bad call fumble if anything. And then there was one..... fumble
Originally posted by SolRebe1:
Leave that to the Giants.

The should name it: "We got lucky as f**k Part II."
The Wet Muff
how about "threw it on the ground"

Originally posted by Lott49ersFan:
A game we lost that will be forgotten in years to come...

has anybody forgotten 1990? no
Kyle Williams=Roger Craig
Originally posted by BigTrez:
Kyle Williams=Roger Craig

Worse because Kyle Williams doesn't have the numbers to give him even half the support that everybody is giving him. At least Craig has HOF numbers
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:

Who cares????? Im getting ready for 2012
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