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How are you guys doing today?

I still blame Kyle the most. He is not a starter and his value as a return man is completely gone.
I feel terrible but can't say I'm too surprised... Perhaps the bright side to all this is that serious weaknesses at receiver, guard and cornerback won't be overlooked and will get upgraded in free agency and/or the draft. I assume third down conversions and redzone deficiencies can be rectified in the off-season as well. The 49ers were very fortunate to make it as far with so many wholes but the fact of the matter is, you can't keep squeaking by, eventually it will catch up with you and yesterday that's exactly what happened.

The season is over for me, time to look forward to free agency and the draft. The Probowl and Superbowl might as well be CBS' battle of the stars and I could care less.
Tired/sad/fried/hungover/angry...not in a great place. Walking around the office like a zombie...I REALLY thought we were gonna win. Was very confident. I think we had the formula down and the 3rd down struggles, dropped INTs and Special Teams turnovers did us in.

I think if KW doesn't muff the first one we were gonna get a heavy dose of Gore. I started to get a bad feeling when we only got the 3 to tie it at 17.

It was a HELLUVA ride though, great season Niners.
I feel bad, and can't imagine what KW is going through...

...But looking forward to winning football for the next few years. One season and we get to the NFC Championship? Are you kidding me? We are back and now that Harb and Co. know what we have, and know what we NEED, we'll be back stronger than before. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Buck up Niner fans and look ahead to the building of our next dynasty.

Not gonna watch the SB. Not interested. Great season looking back though.
Originally posted by ace49ers:
Not gonna watch the SB. Not interested. Great season looking back though.

Same , love the team , Season , hate superbowl if my Niners not there !
just wanna forward to free agency then the draft, to hell with nfl football the rest of the yr
Originally posted by phiLthyphiL:
No BS. my horscope today. s**t applies to all of our 49ers.

Your have heard it said that time heals all wounds. That doesn't offer much comfort though, when you are hurting. Right now your pride is wounded. One day you will even be able to laugh about it. Don't allow yourself to get caught up in a pity party. Move on and know that you are headed for a much brighter day.

Its a lie
Originally posted by strickac:
That was probably the toughest sports loss I've had to deal with. It was rough. I hated everything about Kyle then, but I'm back to reality. It was a great season and I'm thrilled about our future... and I hope that it includes Kyle in the mix. He's a good, young player.

I feel for Kyle, but in The end he is one of us and I will support him as long as he is here.
i woke up in Draft Mode.


Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
i woke up in Draft Mode.


I am watching Rachel Ray on TV. That should tell you how I feel.
Both saddened and excited about the future. Gotta find a way to turn lemons into lemonaide. I'm excited for next year because we are only a few players away from dominating.
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Damn I am still tipsy, tough tough loss to swallow worse than Roger Craig. The whole team did not play well except for maybe Gore. But in all it was a great season and what keeps me going is the thought of this team having a FULL OFF SEASON to prepare. I mean look at what Harbaugh did with a short off season imagine a full off season of OTAs I can't wait for the preseason.

Think I am going to nap during lunch.
Originally posted by VDSF:
didn't sleep

don't wanna get ready for work

i feel like as if i had a gorgeous wife and she cheated on me with ron jeremy and ran away with em

I'm at work, This is exactly how I feel. And now you get to watch ron jermey bang your ex all over the internet and TV for the next 3 weeks.
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