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How are you guys doing today?

Originally posted by English:
Me too. Hello Irish.

Hello English
Completely gutted but feels strangely good to expect that next season we'll be better and go all the way. Back where we belong.
Like someone in my family just died
Im very proud of the way we played. It was a magical year. Cant take nothing away from anyone...

Our weakness all year long, third down conversions, killed us, not Kyle, who had it not been for that amazing block on Alex's run, in the Saints game, we would not have been here.

Young team, a learning experience, we will be back.

Even though I never expected to make it this far and even though I told myself we will be eliminated early on if we made the playoffs I'm still pissed. Didn't sleep at all last night. I wanted to punch Kyle Williams in the face for letting that ball touch his knee and then doing nothing about it.

But with all that said I'm slowly getting over it. Despite what Kyle did we still had chances to win and didn't do anything. I'd like to see gametape and determine if the receivers were always covered 100% of the time or if Alex was afraid to throw the ball in fear of turning it over.

I'm still proud of my Niners.
Originally posted by NeeJ49er:
This was a tough pill to swallow ...I'm at work, but I dont want to be here

How is everyone doing ? ..anybody feeling as crappy as I am ?

thanks for asking
Living in Belgium i was awake until 4:45am "slept " (= stayed in bed) for 2 hours then i had to drive my daughter to school. I didn't went to work, got back home and slept a little til noon.
So this loss was hard mentally and physically on me. Have the impression of having stayed up all ight for nothing.
I was planning to go to Indy, had my passeport renewed and i had a window open on my PC with the nfl ticket exchange site.
All that for nothing. Yeap tough pill to swallow.
Feel like my grand champion pitbul succumbed to wounds.

Proud and sad at the same time.
not good at all.
Gonna drink the pain away tonight

Excited about the future. Need a legit WR and a shut down corner...
Even though i feel like i broke up with my girlfriend, I realized the team weren't ready yet. This team needs to get better but we are closer than we think.
That was probably the toughest sports loss I've had to deal with. It was rough. I hated everything about Kyle then, but I'm back to reality. It was a great season and I'm thrilled about our future... and I hope that it includes Kyle in the mix. He's a good, young player.
Help a fellow fan, don't know what to do to move on and forget about the game....
Very Dissapointed! I kept waking up every 2 hours!!
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