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How are you guys doing today?

Originally posted by NeeJ49er:
I'm not watching ESPN for awhile ....but I will read some news on the zone

it's going to be a tough week, but Im also very optimistic for the future, next season we should be able to build on this season and add more pieces to create an explosive offense to go with our defense.

But right now I am so far in the dumps its not even funny , I'm thinking of going home at noon and watch some episodes of "Sanford and Son" or "The Jeffersons" ..I need to at least TRY to cheer up ..

Thats how I feel, I accidentally went to a few minutes after the game and my stomach turned. Im not sure at this point if I can even watch the SB because I feel like we should be there but eventually this wound will heal.
Just landed in nYC on my way back from game.

I got my head up hIgh and I am proud of our niners.

This run really made me feel like a kid again. A little sore reading the papers here and watching these Giants fans so happy.
Really sad. Called in sick just to gather my thoughts today. I'll probably go watch a movie to get my mind off what could have been. I wanted a victory so bad for Vernon, his first playoff appearance and he definitely came to play. I hope Baalke goes after some weapons in the offseason to help VD a bit...
Originally posted by calinig4life:
Feeling like I got a bad hangover except wit no alcohol but football emotion. It doesn't help NOW all haters wanna come out & try to kick us when we're down.

Down? This is only the beginning son. Feeling like crap, but I will wear my colors to work today. No Raider fan better say s**t or they're getting poped in the mouth.
I'm fine. I was very upset as they blew the game and for a short time after the game, then I realized how great of a team the Niners have and that I didn't expect them to do this well so soon, then I got excited with the prospect of adding some weapons to this team and building a monster through FA and the draft this year. So, I am disappointed, but I am excited about the future.
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i was down last night but doing better now. It is what it is.
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I'm mad as hell. I went to sleep with a big stomach ache and I woke up with it. I'm sure it's stress related from the game.
Feel somewhat dead inside at the moment. Just feel really, really down.
I feel like a 15 year old virgin girl who was raped by a man with a 13'' member... In other words I'm in pain. And I feel like victory was snatched from me

Originally posted by JTsBiggestFan:
It sucks, but deep down the ambiguous situation with our offense left a "don't quite deserve it yet" kind of feeling this weekend so it was more accepting fate.

Cannot blame KW for this. Not one bit. If it happened after some great offense, maybe we can pin it on him a bit.....but just like that long snapper that killed it for the Giants in '02, you cannot excuse a major part of your team.

I think what's bothering me more is hearing talk radio bash our WRs and Alex. Bob Papa called our receivers terrible, and the Ross sidekick guy called Alex an average QB over and over.

Await the future. A little upset over the way the Ravens lost.....would have been cheering for them big time. Now stuck with another superbowl I have no real interest in.

Our WRs are terrible...
It showed last night with the Inability to get open on a single pass in the entire game.
I'm still giving Alex the benefit of the doubt when I said he has potential to be good,
If we pick up some play making receivers.
got no sleep, my only comfort is that harbalke is back at work
Originally posted by Allx9er:
got no sleep, my only comfort is that harbalke is back at work

Same, slept like absolute s**t
Humbled & still Hungry. This team far exceeded my expectations, after almost a decade of horrible football. This season turnaround is something to be happy about. Our team is legit!! We're going to have a bright future ahead of us. "We're better then we were yesterday, and will be better tomorrow then we are today" (quote JH) I truly believe that. Disappointed but not discouraged. I'm a new season ticket holder so looking forward to next season. Excited to see how we improve our team in the off season thru FA and the draft.

As Always, its still 49ers U BeeeeeZzZZZZYYYYYYY!!!!!
Pretty s**tty.
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