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How are you guys doing today?

Originally posted by YOUNGster08:
Off Suicide Watch, downgraded to Somebody Get Me A Beer

LOL. You made my day!
I'm over the disbelief anger phase. Let's start looking toward next season. We have a lot of work to do in our receiving corps and secondary.
Yeah i have to say, my family ate dinner at 630p.m. I couldnt eat one bit. When the game finished at 11. I had no choice but to try to force feed myself. I have to say tho, that when we lost, i didnt have the same losing feeling that I have had in seasons past. Honestly, no need to sugarcoat, it was a hard fought game, and had Williams not muffed that punt off his knee then that last drop, we would of won, or at least had an opportunity for the winning drive.

I'm not gonna crucify because I'm from jersey, and in baseball I'm a PHillies fan. And I can remember when Pitcher Mitch Williams lost us the World Series, man they had death threats to him and his family. Drove by his house, and threw stuff. and pretty much ran him out of Philly.

I just have the feeling like we are back, and although we didnt make it to the SuperBowl, I now have confidence in our team to Win almost every game each week next season. And I mean With Alex already having his best career season. Bring Back Gore, Shore up the Oline, and maybe add 1 or 2 PROVEN Vet or Rookie, Wr's with exceptional hands.

But other than that. I'll say my mood is somber. Just wishing that we werent the ones that made the big mistakes at crucial times. And seein all my co-workers with their Giants apparell on is just sickening.
Originally posted by cNiner:
Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
i woke up in Draft Mode.



F*** YEAH!
Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
agreed such a f**king wasted opportunity. we have a tougher schedule next yr with 2 division rivals getting better and possibly the 3rd with a new coach. you have a bye in the playoffs, you beat a team with such an explosive offense on 1 of the biggest plays in history, later you find out you wont have to go to a place this franchise cant win even if they had a hall of fame player at every position and you face a damn 9-7 team at home that you once beat during the yr for a trip to the sb and fail because of mistakes we havent made ALL DAMN SEASON!! next yr we can end up playing in the wc round and then even go to NO or GB, getting to the championship game is not an easy task and if it was the pats wouldve been playing in it every yr. this is why this loss hurts so much, yeah i can get over it easier if the we just got flat out beat by the better team but clearly the better team lost.

the thing im looking forward is what baalke does to get playmakers at the wr position and the potential battle between alex and kap

100% on wasting a golden opportunity. Next season we will definately find out what this team is made of. If they are champions they will rise to the occassion. Will they feed off of this lose or will the let it defeat them? The worst part is we have to wait a year to find
Now Im kinda sad again because another season has ended without a super bowl trophy. I really thought this was our year, everything was lined up until that b*****d Williams fumbled twice.
It should have been done this year. NFC game at home and losing it.... It will be hard to repeat this year. Next year, the schedule is tougher ( GB, Dallas, Chicago, Detroit,Saints ....) . My heart really hurts today more than yesterday.
Originally posted by ritchie:
I'm doing great. I wore my Kyle Williams jersey to the subway today and I all I got were hi-5's from Giants fans.

I needed a laugh and this did it. That is some funny stuff right there dude
Still feel empty, I really thought this squad had it in them to #6
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I am still in shock, we were so close. I can't listen to any sports talk or watch ESPN for a while.

Originally posted by BobS:
I am still in shock, we were so close. I can't listen to any sports talk or watch ESPN for a while.

Yeah f**k ESPN and NFLN
didnt sleep good, feel like s**t
Vikings fan here... I know exactly how you guys are feeling today. Vikings Saints game was exactly like how you guys lost... TURNOVERS plus a loss in OT. If you don't fumble and if your OC takes a shot downfield with 19 seconds left in the 4th, you probably win this game.

It's tough... I got almost no sleep when we lost to the Saints and basically had to listen ESPN talk about their amazing story of being terrible to a SB team. It stung because I knew we were starting to become an older team in the league and knew Favre would never have that type of season again. I think if you guys got to the SB you beat the Pats too, especially with Gronk hurt now. At least with your team, it is relatively young and you are in the NFC West as compared to NFC North. You just need to get a solid # 2 WR and you'll be back here sometime soon, it sucks because it's so hard getting back there but I think you guys can.
Woke up at 6:30am to my fiancee having a cough attack. Under normal circumstances, I'd get her some water, meds or a cough drop but the first thing I thought of when I woke up was the last Kyle fumble...

I'm avoiding KNBR, 95.7, ESPN, Network like a plague today.
i woke up after dreaming that kyle william fumble the ball... then i realize that it wasnt a dream, he did fumble the ball

ITS GOING TO BE A LOOOOOOONNNNNGGGG YEAR. i hope the world doesnt explode in dec 12,2012
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